Design Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

We know that everyone makes mistakes. It’s simple human nature. We also know that people — creative types, especially — don’t like to admit when they’ve made a misstep, but at Tradexcel Graphics, we look at design mistakes as a chance to learn and grow. 1. Designers don’t understand what the client wants. A solid understand of what the client wants is crucial to success. Too often, designers waste time procrastinating, or they develop ideas with their own personal aesthetics in mind. Take the time to read the client brief in detail. Read it again. Print it out, read it

How to Edit iPhone Images in Photos for iOS 8

Ever since its release last month, the Internet has been abuzz with chatter surrounding the many and varied new features offered by Apple’s iOS 8. Apple Pay is great; the Health dashboard is, too, but it’s the Photos app and its enhanced editing tools we’re most excited about clipping path at Tradexcel Graphics Limited. Photos has only really been good for, well, housing photos. Remember that time when we kept all of our most treasured pictures stashed in a box in the closet? Photos was just a digital version of that box — until now. iPhone photographers no longer have

13 Fascinating Facts About Photography

As image editors, we love photography, and photographers.The success of Tradexcel Graphics’ image processing and clipping path service is due largely to the rich history of, and continued modern advancements in the field of photography. These days, we’re all taking pictures — with our iPhones, and our iPads, and our Nikons — but there was once a less-photographed time, a time during which the general consensus was: Cameras steal your soul. The f-number of the human eye varies from f/8.3 under very bright light, to somewhere around f/2.1 in the dark. Introduced in the year 1900 by Eastman Kodak, the

Low Cost Professional Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path

We know what you want! Outsource your graphic needs including your clipping paths, at very reasonable prices from Tradexcel Graphics Limited. Tradexcel Graphics Limited (TGL) is one of the world class online image editors and photo manipulation agencies, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. TGL has been serving European and North American clients since 2001. Our clients include magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies and printing & publishing companies all over the world. Who needs clipping path? Many companies and individuals that are involved with digital photography need clipping path services; those such as magazine companies, web development and graphic design companies, professional photographers,

Easy Step by Step Way of Hair Masking

Easy Step by Step Way of Hair Masking

Hair Masking is not an easy task, but here we make it easier. It needs skills, hard concentration and time. In this tutorial we will show you the easy way of hair masking which can done by anyone, less concentration and in short time. This is the image for today’s test subject. Step 1: Open an image you wish to mask the hair in Photoshop.  Step 2: Copy Background layer.   Step 3: Create a new adjustment layer with a solid color . Step 4: Select Background copied layer.       Step 5: Select Background eraser tool.    Step