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Yes, Clipping path service for online retailers, photographers, advertising agencies & others who need best market price service with 100% quality. Send  Free Trial. Clipping path happens to be one of the many modern-day image manipulation techniques. This novel technique is used to remove image backgrounds. While this sounds quite uncomplicated, it actually is not simple at all. That’s why a trusted professional clipping path service provider should be hired whenever you need the perfect and most visually appealing end result. Working with a trusted clipping path service provider ensures that the final image lives up to your expectations, and tells the story that you want it to tell.

For many years, TradeXcel has held a strong reputation for providing the top photo clipping path service for clients across the globe. The reasons for this are quite simple:

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Clipping path service is perfect especially for people who want to capture a specific segment of the photograph and don’t want to consider other regions. With clipping path, one can create a non-printing contour around the desired segment of the image, which consequently results in the deletion of the background of the image. The clipping path technique offers most benefits for those who seek images without distracting backgrounds. Such images are in high demand, especially in the marketing sector, and reliable clipping path service providers cater to the ever-increasing demand with some spectacular imagery.

Although photos with straight edges tend to be the easiest to process, intricate image clipping is a more complex process that requires additional time and attention. No matter the size of the project, our proficient service providers can provide clipping path service designed to create crisp, stunning photos that clients can be proud of. By making clipping path work to our customer’s benefit, our clipping path service provider team will ensure an image’s message is clear and focused

About Clipping Path Service

A clipping path is sometimes also known as a vector path and is the process of making a 2 dim. Image vectored out against the path drawn which is one requires to be kept.  In other words, anything inside the vectored line will remain and the rest will be omitted.  This technique is widely used across designing areas and fields, but moreover it is also one of the principal phenomenon’s for making images transparent.  Clipping basically contains 2 paths one is inclusive path and another is exclusive path. The inclusive path is path which is traversed during forward path drawing and it signifies the portion which we want to keep. Whereas, the exclusive path is the drawing done in reverse and is the path which we want to exclude from the remaining inclusive part. A path is a closed shape used to get an element from an image by using photo editing software. The majority of designers use Photoshop to do this process. It can also be explained in a simple form as marking the area in the photograph of anything to make the actual product image different from the unwanted are in the photo. It is somewhat a border between the edge of the required are and the unwanted white background. When the path is defined, clipping path is applied to omit out the unwanted area from that image. The clipped image can be used in any other software editing tool or a web development tool as well, the real image remains the same as in its default settings.

Sometimes, you get a perfect shot but the background ruins the whole image. Or maybe you simply don’t really like the colour of the background of the image you just captured. There are other reasons as well where the background of an image will annoy you. Sometimes, you need to cut out something from your image no matter if it’s making it look good or bad but you need an element be separated from the image. What options are you left with? Luckily there are options for you to make that ruined image great again. Photoshop is the most famous of all.

It is very important for graphic designers. Clipping out the unwanted area in an image makes it look good and very easy to drop it off to any other background. However, clipping path does not really mean to have a transparent background.

This process is required a lot when you are using any photograph or image to be used in a magazine design or a brochure or a web design. For example, if you have an image made up of different elements in it with a white background and you need to use it on the front page of your magazine but the white background makes it difficult to merge with the colour of the magazine design. You must then remove the white background from the image you are willing to use in the magazine. In order to do so, the clipping path technique comes handy. For that, you need to make a path around the elements in the image which you want to use and convert them into a clipping path. After being done with selecting the path, the white background will be removed and the image can be used in other software for further process.

There are tools available for executing this procedure; Photoshop is the most used tool for the designers. Photoshop provides the facility for clipping path. Photoshop also provided a good list of tools to perform this operation. The magic wand tool, Polygonal Lasso tool, Magic Eraser tool, background eraser tool and the most important of the entire pen tool.

Images with sharper edges can be clipped path by using magic wand too. What magic wand tool do? It makes a good selection of the area you want to cut out from an image. You simply have to select the magic wand tool and click on the area you need to cut out of the image. However, this tool only works best when you have a sharp and high-quality image. The edges of the area you want to cut out should also be very well defined. The same goes with the polygonal lasso tool and the magic eraser tool as well. The background eraser tool also does the same job and works similar to the other three tools mentioned above, as the name suggests the background eraser tool simply removes the background of the image selected. The major trick is that the background should be sharp and in contrast to the image you want to cut out.

The best way to use clipping path is done with the hands. There is no quick and easy way to do it efficiently except using a pen tool and to work by hand to make sure everything cuts out perfectly.

Photoshop comes with different types of tool to do clipping path. The best one is the pen tool. Once you have the file in the Photoshop which you want to edit, select the pen tool available in the tool section. Once you have selected the pen tool, make sure that you have selected the path tool in the menu bar located in the pen tool section.

Now comes the most important part. You have to start creating a path manually by clicking on the edges of the element you want to cut out of the image. Click on the point and drag the mouse pointer towards the next point and click again. You have to repeat this procedure until the last point meets the first one. There can be some point which will be easily trackable but at some point, you need to make curves to track the uneven paths of the image. Pen tool allows you to do that also. What if you have made a wrong selection? You can always undo the selection one by one by pressing the backspace key. When you meet the last point, you will see an “o” symbol, this means you are going to close the path.

Once the path is completed and closed, you can save the path for using it in other editing software’s as per your requirement. The file can be saved a PSD or tiff format and it’s ready for the program you were trying to use it for. This time you will get the image without the annoying background.  A clipping path can be explained in a simple form as marking the area in the photograph of anything to make the actual product image different from the unwanted are in the photo. It is somewhat a border between the edge of the required are and the unwanted white background.

It is very important for graphic designers. Clipping out the unwanted area in an image makes it look good and very easy to drop it off to any other background. However, clipping path does not really mean to have a transparent background. There are tools available for executing this procedure; Photoshop is the most used tool for the designers. Photoshop provides the facility for clipping path. The best way to use clipping path is done with the hands. There is no quick and easy way to do it expect using a pen tool and working by hand to make sure everything cuts out perfectly.

One of The Best Uses of Clipping

One of the greatest uses of clipping is using clipping technique in the world of 3 dimensions.  Clipping is an important to do things to be used in 3 dimensional models and image retrieving. The clipped frames are used in three dimensional computer graphics designs in order to prevent the reinterring of the calculated surfaces at a long distance from the viewer. The clipped plane is actually normal or also known as perpendicular to the lens (camera), a then set it at a distance away from it (also known as the threshold value), and thus it occupies the entire viewport as a whole. The clipping technique is actually used in real time rendering frames. The clipping planes will also help in preserving the processing of the objects and items in clear view or sight.

The Service by Clipping Path

Generally speaking, the clipping path offerings or services are very much professional in nature and these are therefore provided by large companies.  The large companies aim to extract objects, stuffs or people from stand still photo, and also includes other picture editing services and also picture manipulation services / offerings.  The industry which focuses on clipping is mainly professional designers, web designers, lithographers, professional studios, and professional photographers. These services (clipping services) are part of IT industry and outsourcing business and are mostly given by developing countries rather than the developed countries.

Clipping Path Service for You

Now as you might have known that clipping services are offered in developing countries & are mostly a part of outsourcing industry. We are the one who provides extremely good clipping services for our customers; we also work on highly core tech areas just to ensure that our clipping path techniques are no match to any ordinary ones.  Below mentioned are some of the pro techniques which we involve while doing any clipping.

  1. We ensure proper rendering of the lines for both inclusive path and exclusive path.
  2. We make sure that the lading in designing point of view is not altered.
  3. We also make sure that our after clipped art is transparent; this ensures 100 % success rate of clipping.
  4. Now if you are in the look for a professional photo editing services or designing services who can offer editing and re-appealing image line; then we are yet again the best in class for clipping. We never lose the appeal factor while we clip any image or any stuff.
  5. The bokeh effect or the portrait effect of the imagery will not be affected with our clipping technique. We ensure that all our depth effect is in control and no bokeh effect is lost or altered.
  6. The pixel depth factor is also one of the most crucial factors which sometimes gets broken or altered when someone clips or run though a clipping path. With our clipping service your pixel depth factors will be 101 % maintained without even a single loss of the pixel depth or any sort of alterations.
  7. Sometimes the high dynamic resolution effects are also altered with a clipping path, but with our awesome clipping path service we ensure proper and full retention of the HDR or also known as high dynamic resolution.  Our inclusive paths & exclusive paths are ideal enough to make sure that one suffers no loss of high dynamic resolution or HDR.
  8. The reflection shadows is another important key technique which is used in clipping path services by us.  The reflection shadows help in simulating the very real original reflections which are produced by a layered mirror or layered glass. This technique is mostly preferred by our ecommerce customers who want to create more deep graphical illusions for attractive banner appearances or other appearances.
  9. We also offer the Mannequin Service and it is one of the most famous and widely known forms of image alteration cum manipulation process.  This process will help you to make your product look more realistic and more sophisticated and even classier. This process is actually requested from us by our ecommerce related customers; but we can implement it in your products as well upon special request.
  10. The site image optimization or on page image customization is the most important process which is being carried out in most images used for e commerce sales sites. This is also due to the very strict requirements regarding the product based images that are widely used in e-commerce industries. Rest assured we will properly re check and make double sure that all the images are properly scaled and compressed. So that one doesn’t suffers from any loss in design or structure or look.

Last but not the least, we only want our customers to be 100 % satisfied & for our payments don’t matter; what we do believe is proper customer satisfaction.

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