Color Separation is a very old concept which was previously done by tilting and developing chemicals in a large tray, dot etching and manually painting out highlights and drop off masks which demanded expertise and keen eye for color. With this fast changing digital age and invention of innovative software like Adobe Photoshop, color separations have become an easy job.

Tradexcel graphics Ltd (TGL) is a premium graphic design outsourcing service and  image manipulation service  provider from Dhaka, Bangladesh deliver expert Prepress Color Separation Service at best budget and fast turnaround time. TGL has over 10 years of experience in photo image editing and image manipulation service delivery uses high end tools and work with a pool of highly qualified designers to deliver the best service available in the industry.

At  (TGL), professionals use color separation software to create high-quality color separations for light and dark product images for example T-shirts. Our Prepress Color Separation Services include:

·         Simulated Process Color
·         Index Color Separation
·         Four-Color Process (CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
·         Hexachrome  (CMYK + Orange and Green)
·         Duotone
·         Tritone
·         Quadtone

Our professional experts of TGL can provide you with single black & white color regeneration; effectively reproduce full or multi color for all creative artwork, latest version of the prepress color separation for any artwork; black & white halftones for providing depth, three colors halftones for better appearance results, work with halftone Spot Colors for getting more colors effect and much more. We also provide color separation service for all printing versions, logo creation, effectively cut the overlapping piece of other colors and use spot colors for screening or silk screen printing. We can successfully create hand adjusted or screen print for specific profiles specially for emphasizing white garments. We further provide custom color separation for isolating colors for creating entire separations.

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