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  • Before-Neck Joint
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  • Before-Neck Joint
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Ghost Mannequin Service

Use Ghost Mannequin/ Neck Joint for eCommerce Garments Product

Tradexcel graphics is imbibed with a best team of ghost mannequin image editing experts who are fully capable of turning each design to a master piece.

Each of our designers is proficient in image neck joint manipulation, as most of them have proceeded from recognized government graphics arts institutions. We have a tendency to the pioneer of ghost Mannequin editing as we’ve got a lot of customers who take the bundle of neck joint service daily. We have a tendency to use the foremost updated Photoshop technique to make sure the most effective quality. Our durable operating expertise helps us to know the requirements of various customers from various countries. Providing best and speedy result’s our main aim and without compromising quality.


E-commerce owners, magazine owner, creative person, professional photographers are take ghost mannequin service from us. Our extremely expertise 150+ image editors offer clipping path service, ghost mannequin service and different image editing service with supreme quality. They work 24 hours in a day, 6 days in a week and 12 months in a year. So, we have a tendency to able to handle any amount of pictures at intervals the fastened point. So, if you have got thousands of pictures to edit, then send those relax. We’ll deliver your completed pictures before your turnaround.

Tradexcel Graphics is one of the world’s top image editing companies. We guarantee throughout all services offered, to offer high quality, while maintaining our low prices. Customer satisfaction is our core focus and we believe that is the key to our success. Without compromising on service excellence, we work diligently to complete each project to deliver below deadline.

We blend consistency, dedication, experience and skill to deliver our Ghost Mannequin Service and Neck Joint professional photo editing services. As one of the digital imaging adjustment’s most in demand tactics, our professional editors focus on making your online visibility stronger, by offering our services in Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint Effects.

  • TGL offers low cost ghost mannequin service and neck joint
  • TGL continues to deliver excellent quality throughout all services
  • All work taken, takes priority with a full team of professionals
  • Ghost mannequin and neck joint specialist digital designers work on your project

Mannequins are used for most e-commerce websites and numerous catalogs, instead of using humans in creating a 3D effect to showcase the garment.

However, during the final output, our customers know that to remain professional and displaying gorgeous items, the mannequin as well as the background must be removed. This removal gives the final product a ghostly or hollow look. This is where the name ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin comes from.

It is possible to create this effect when using removable or transparent mannequins. However, after the image was taken, photo editing might still be needed. Thus, to save money and reduce time, you will find photographers prefer not to use removable ghost mannequins or transparent mannequins either. The cost-effective method to achieve perfection remains photo editing, that is where Tradexcel Graphics Limited excels.

Items using the ghost mannequin effect include:

  • Lingerie
  • Swim suits
  • Cardigans
  • Jackets
  • Trousers
  • Shirts
  • Skirts
  • Dresses

What Tradexcel Needs from You

TGL wants to work with you and your images, regardless whether it was shot by an amateur or professional photographer. We have all the tools, expertise and professional editors to make a dull photo look professionally shot. With a full team of experts, we deliver all work timeously.

  • TGL requires clients to take a 3D shot of their proposed items.
  • Take shots of the mannequin with the garments from different angles
  • The sleeves, inner parts, bottom and neck shots can be taken separately
  • These images must be sent to TGL

What Does Ghost Mannequin Service Offer?

When you look at an image with the mannequin showcasing a garment, it looks less professional and unfinished. Consumers look at a garment and choose online businesses that prove they care about all aspects of business, including presentation. Presenting a high-quality image, which is attractive and flawless without a mannequin, the consumer knows that the company in question takes all steps to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Creating an instantly attractive product photo
  • Beautifying garments
  • Straightening, resizing, cropping, etc.
  • For removal of bad spots, dust, wrinkles, etc.
  • Creation of 2D/3D shapes
  • Removal of mannequin
  • Use of TGL special effects, damaged images are easily repaired
  • Convenient method to remove undesired objects from professional product photos
  • Ghost mannequin editors save money and time
  • Removal of distractive backgrounds
  • Editing and adding of watermark
  • Changing image shadow effects
  • Background and color
  • Image resize unique images with TGL special effects

  • Before-Neck Joint
    After-Neck Joint
    BeforeNeck JointAfter
  • Before-Neck Joint
    After-Neck Joint
    BeforeNeck JointAfter
  • Before-Neck Joint
    After-Neck Joint
    BeforeNeck JointAfter
  • Before-Neck Joint
    After-Neck Joint
    BeforeNeck JointAfter
  • Before-Neck Joint
    After-Neck Joint
    BeforeNeck JointAfter

 How we treat with this service

Ghost mannequin service is another vital image editing procedure on Adobe Photoshop. Although this method the image editing service suppliers produce natural ghost impact for garment’s pictures. This service has another name neck joint. The method is, therefore, necessary for showing natural shape of clothing.

Ghost mannequin service are designed to bring something unconditional. Each wardrobe is impactful, if clicked with the dummy, as it brings out that natural ghost effect. Though, the images clicked with dummy are not to be used straightaway. Consequently, involving those pictures with mannequin is not a good idea to use. Our skilled image editing designers will magically take out those mannequins from your image by effectively utilizing clipping path service and will fill up left over empty space with some extra and composite files. With ghost mannequin, designers can actually bring that natural impact on clothes.

To create ghost mannequin impact, 1st designer creates the path to separate or take away mannequin. Once removing the mannequin, the neck space becomes totally empty. This type of image with empty neck space isn’t appropriate for victimization any purpose. That’s why the neck space should be amended or completed with another further neck file to bring the natural impact and additionally have to be compelled to produce shadow bring the natural appearance of clothing.

Mastering the Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost mannequins increase sales beyond imagination while remaining cost-effective. To achieve the perfect effect, TGL designers look at the product photo’s alignment. It is a necessary step as perfect alignment consecrates a lovely and cohesive look. Designers enhance color to present clothing beautifully. We continue by adding matching background to coordinate with the displayed products

Ghost Mannequin Effect/Neck Joint

Depending on procedures and variabilities, neck joint services which form part of the Ghost Mannequin services, are categorized by these types:

  • Scarf showing
  • Jewelry presentation
  • Hoody types jackets
  • Showing sleeve and neck joint

Neck Joint is image manipulation excellence, with the process enabling customers to view your products without distraction. Using 3D effect, the image is available in 360-degree angle. It allows a prospective client to view your product from all angles, making a purchase more viable.

Neck Joint enables a client to appreciate the entire product, its quality, and its genuine appearance. Neck joint is far more manipulative than traditional Photoshop and a lot more specialized.

As part of photo retouching, you will find that pictures are easily edited as per client demand. The neck joint service offered, adds the lacking magical touch to digital imaging. Color enhancing, color changing, color shifting, and image enhancement are part of the package.

The neck joint image is created by using an inner view of the photo. This service or effect forms part of ghost mannequin manipulation, but a service on its own too. It is like the final touch which is a vital part, as a bad neckline will not sell a good product.

How TGL Gets the Perfect Neck Effect

We can only achieve perfection for your apparel, jewelry, etc. when we use the ghost mannequin effect. Achieving eye-catching modification, the product photos must be taken from various angles.

This is the crux of TGL’s neck joint effect. Clients not using professional photographers do not have to worry either, we can edit all your images to perfection too.

It could be a difficult process to take quality pictures when not using a professional. However, once we have the images, it is easy for the professionals at Tradexcel to do the hard work to manage apparel products, add shadows, and more. You will be left with professional product photos in 3D effect.

Who Benefited?

Neck Joint and Ghost Mannequin service is very useful, playing an important part in showcasing products or garments online. Various industries benefit from this service:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Printing
  • Magazines
  • E-commerce websites
  • Movie animation
  • Graphic designers
  • Printing agencies
  • Sports
  • Fashion Photography

Create Your Own Invisible Mannequin

If you are creative and want to try your hand at creating your own invisible mannequin, TGL prepared a guide for you. First the focus is on taking perfect imaging, from studio set-up, to shots. Then the focus is on post production using Photoshop. We warn you though that even though it works on simple principle, it takes lots of practice, and is time-consuming if you want an efficiently executed project. That is where Tradexcel Graphics Limited comes in, we do the tedious work others struggle with at low cost.

Taking Mannequin Shots:

If you do not have a mannequin at hand, you can use a human model. Ensure that your model use a static pose with hands clear from the sides. If using a female model, make sure her hair is out of the way and no dangling, long earrings.

To achieve the perfect ghost mannequin, you need skills to edit a low-quality photo, thus unless you are skilled, the photograph quality must be high. Lighting techniques, camera, equipment and placement of the model play a role.

When you take a mannequin shot ensure the camera is flush with the chest of the model. That is if you are taking a shirt picture, while a bottom photo must aim at the hips. If you do not do this correctly your end-product will appear inaccurate or tapered.

Use a studio effect with a camera and tripod, umbrellas, and two studio lights, as well as a backdrop. You aim for a 3D effect, thus is it important to capture front and back of the model. Then you need to take the shirt off the model, lay it flat to see the inner garment too. The lighting conditions for taking shots of the model and the flat garments must be the same. Marking the spot where your model stood, enable you to know exactly where to shoot your garment.

Catalog the images and open Photoshop to make some edits. This is where it is a great idea to find a company who can do your photo editing, as this is another important step.

3D Image Editing:

To create the perfect effect the process will involve combining two product images:

Step one: Using Photoshop open the files to create layers

Your files must be on your computer to do these steps. Open the image of the mannequin shot, as well as top-down Photoshop image. Take the mannequin photo and start creating a background layer. Take white color to fill the layers as it will act as background for the end product. Something you could do when it is your first time doing this type of editing, is labelling the layers or you will get confused later.

Step two: Selecting mannequin dress using a tool

You have the mannequin image, now you need to dress it. Use your favorite Photoshop selection tool; magic wand, lasso or quick selection. Anyone of these will help.

Step three: refining and masking

You have your product and mannequin, now the mask must be refined to be very tight. You must eliminate the mannequin and the background without touching your product. Go into the Select menu again and use the Refine Edge Tool. For example, say you have taken an image of a shirt, you must now place a tight mask on top of it. Doing this you will notice the shirt floating on the background. It might be necessary to refine your shirt edges more or refine your mask more, to gain a clean finished look.

Step four: rinse and repeat

The first three steps you did with your mannequin image must now be repeated with the top-down image. Keep in mind that the one image is dressed on a mannequin while the other image was taken flat down without a mannequin. This will enable you to see the back of the short and when you have removed the mannequin, it will appear like a perfect illusion

Step five: combining images

Both the images must have clean, tight masks. Now proceed by dragging the mask that is on the top-down photo, over to the shirt mannequin image. The layers must be organized that the mannequin image is higher than the top-down photo. Adjusting the proportions and positioning of the top-down layer and place it below the shoulder of the shirt, directly behind the mannequin.

Step six: remove unwanted parts

The unwanted parts of the top layers must be removed at this stage. The mannequin layer must be hidden now. The important factor is for the neckline to show well and be well aligned.

Step seven: add your shadows

Now that your two images are combined and flush, your product needs additional shadows to gain depth. Merge the layers and SAVE.

Now you should have a perfect or near perfect ghost mannequin.

  • Before-Neck Joint
    After-Neck Joint
    BeforeNeck JointAfter
  • Before-Neck Joint
    After-Neck Joint
    BeforeNeck JointAfter
  • Before-Neck Joint
    After-Neck Joint
    BeforeNeck JointAfter
  • Before-Neck Joint
    After-Neck Joint
    BeforeNeck JointAfter
  • Before-Neck Joint
    After-Neck Joint
    BeforeNeck JointAfter

The TGL Approach

TGL’s experts have more than ten years’ experience in digital graphics. Moreover, we have thousands of completed projects, fulfilling each one of our client’s needs without delay. Aiming to remain below our competition, you are assured of low prices without compromising on exceptional quality. We have a motto, “a happy customer, is a return customer”.

Why Choose Tradexcel Graphics Limited

In this digital era that continues to grow, everybody is expected to be the best and produce the best. Remaining ahead of fierce competitors, TGL offers expert service across various genres to make you stand out. As with all our graphic design services, you will find us diligently working at individual projects making it our own. Tradexcel Graphics Neck Joint and Ghost Mannequin effects are one of our specialties.

  • We follow your instructions and turn your images from an ordinary photo to an image that goes viral.
  • Provide all the services you need and more speedily without compromising on quality
  • Continue to impress and never leave a customer dissatisfied
  • Prices are low when compared to rival companies
  • All services and client information are treated with strict confidentiality
  • Your time and needs are valued with prompt communication from TGL professional with 10-minute email responding time
  • 24/7 Production to deliver
  • Prior to delivery professionals recheck completed project with strict quality control parameters in place.
  • Professional team of skilled designers
  • Production capacity is flexible and scalable
  • Combining artificial intelligence with specialists in their field delivers unprecedented quality, control and speed to post-production
  • The tools used are our strength – Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, adobe Photoshop, Mac Devices and Windows
  • TGL does not differentiate between individuals, online retailers, or brand owners. Quality service and low prices regardless of who you are

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What’s more? The prices we offer simply can’t be matched by anyone else in the digital design business. We understand that it’s hard for you to take our word for it, and that’s why we even offer free trials for prospective clients who want to see what stuff we are made of. In the odd chance that you are dissatisfied, you would be free to go ahead and look out for another service provider of your choice. Our Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint service providers are waiting to hear from you. Go ahead and give us a call on +1 (718) 569-7007 to discuss your requirements.

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