Image Cleaning and Cloning Service

Photo Background Removal is one of the very important and basic services among Professional photo editing service category. Tradexcel Graphics Limited (TGL), the world class offshore Prepress graphic studio fully operative from Bangladesh offers sophisticated Image Cleaning and Cloning service with a dedicated team of highly skilled graphic design team. Image Cleaning and Cloning services includes image background removal (clipping path), Dust and Scratch Removal from images for advanced image manipulation and photo enhancement.

Tradexcel Graphics Limited (TGL) can offer best solution for this type of Image Cleaning and Cloning service to make eye candy product images to boosting your product promotion effort. Let us clean up those garbage, stains or unwanted spots from your product photos, remove those redundant wires or marks and objects captured by amateur photographers with our efficient Background Removal Services. Any image can be cloned to enhance their look and feel by removing unwanted stains to give that stunning look. Our experts readily apply effective methods to clean up the image background without excessively affecting the rest of the image with the best Background Removal Services. Professional Image cleaning and cloning service provided by Tradexcel Graphics Limited (TGL) includes:

• Object Removing – Unnecessary Background Removal & Unwanted object Removal
• Image Cleaning & Cloning – Removal of Scratches & Dust Removal

Visuals are the image of a company; it reflects its orientation on any market and demonstrates the various efforts that company puts into its image and into its professional work. For this reason, Tradexcel Graphics made a vow to take the future to put it into your photos and bring them to life using their tremendous talented professional. Tradexcel Graphics, ensures the best background removal, tint beautiful white backgrounds and can give you the incredible transparent background to suit your every need.

At Tradexcel Graphics, we believe that the customer is king and for this same reason, we provide you with the highest quality on the market while being lowest cost image editing company.

Background remove basically, is the first technique that needs to be applied to a photo before being fully edited to match its initial purpose. Software and applications try to implement this method, however; their performance is very low and basic because they are obviously designed to the big public and amateurs. Professional image editing ensures the highest quality thus, our fellow clients usually set the bar as high as they need. Tradexcel Graphics matches those requirements making us the best deal on the market and it makes us happy to contribute to our dear clients’ success and visibility.

White backgrounds have many uses from putting the product under the spotlight in order to stress on its importance or to using that background as desired when there are additions that must be made to the image. Taking good pictures, the way one wants them to be is not easy, the background is mostly the inconvenience, and clients prefer to use them to put on their brand names, slogans or information related to the image. Whichever is your need for the white background, Tradexcel Graphics ensures a flawless and tactful service mostly online to be convenient to our clients no matter where they are, of course, while keeping confidentiality in mind.

The transparent background allows picking up the desired item and then putting it in a completely different background, this process needs a real professional to do it perfectly without losing the quality of the clipped item in the initial image. At Tradexcel Graphics, we have a huge load of professionals; they are extremely experimented but also very talented and motivated to guarantee the client’s total satisfaction. Tradexcel Graphics gives its customers the best putting upfront a long-term relation.

Scalable and Flexible Capacity

Tradexcel Graphics is an innovative company, an up to date corporation and the ultimate support to our clients. At Tradexcel Graphics, the performance of today is doubled tomorrow, and today’s’ productivity will be even higher the next time. We always ensure the best background removal, stunning white backgrounds and a perfectly cut transparent background.

Our production capacity is flexible in many ways to ensure the satisfaction of the client while being the most saving money friendly company for image editing. We produce the highest quality on the market and our products and services much the infinite creative ideas of the customers. We also produce at high rates and make sure the jobs are done fast enough to suit the customers’ programs. The quantities we edit are very impressive meanwhile we never neglect the top-notch quality standards that constitute the starting point of any project the customers put in our hands.

Highly professional resources

Tradexcel Graphics offers background removal from any quality images, gives a white background for the any desired use and great transparent background. Our professionals work constantly without fail this distinguished character certainly provided them with skills and performances matching and even surpassing designers from all over the world.

Our graphic designers can match your marketing goals and fit perfectly with your needs to take your image to the next level by merging your vision with their numerous talents. The background editing is never redundant ever since they pick up the newest and most suited techniques to match the projects they take in charge. Indeed, Tradexcel Graphics seeks to bring the future and change the world of visuals starting today. Our highly trained professionals who worked on worldwide projects from Europe to Asia passing through America, which gave positive feedback and changed the world for the better.

We make our background editing here at Tradexcel Graphics using the latest software and hardware making the working conditions perfectly matching the high standards to help our professional graphic designers focus on the clients’ needs and perspectives.

24/7 production

The human capacity deployed strongly in order to fit every customer from any part of the globe is certainly a source of pride to Tradexcel Graphics. We work all year around, every day of the week and every passing hour thanks to our professionals who are over thousands professional extremely trained to every trending technique.

At Tradexcel Graphics, we make a team working at day or at night fulfilling customers’ needs and fitting their times zones because the satisfaction of the client is our top priority over anything else. Our background removal, white backgrounds implementation and applying transparent backgrounds is done very neatly since we have numerous experienced and professional graphic designers.

We edit and produce twice and even thrice the number of projects taken by competitors making us ultimately the leaders of this market. Not only that but we are also providing our services at an extremely low price to ensure that any company small, middle or high sized can benefit from the best quality background editing and increase the chances of its success.

Best quality, without compromising

The issue that most people fear is the loss of the initial quality of their work showing on the final pictures, with Tradexcel Graphics, image and background editing have never been so perfect. Tradexcel Graphics professionals work with the best editing software and the most advanced technologies available on the market this is why we offer the best quality unequally found elsewhere. At the same time, we make sure to keep the customers’ print if they wish to do so this gives a final product that have been emerging from a beautiful cooperation and collaboration of our team and the customer.

The background editing, we provide is constituted of completely professional methods consisting of erasing the initial background and give a focus on the image desired by the customer. Tradexcel Graphics can offer you a white background highlighting and enhancing the desired image as well as a transparent background allowing widening the uses after the editing is done.

Strict quality control parameters

The teams at Tradexcel Graphics are numerous but also specialized and specific to tasks this is where our editors take turns to check thoroughly every item passed to them comparing them the task put together by the customer. Tradexcel Graphics have a policy but also high standards following strict international norms that governing, regulating and controlling the quality before it is approved by the department which then sends it to the client.

Tradexcel Graphics is only satisfied when the client has approved of our professionals’ editing, which measures and compares to the best editing companies in the world. Our quality control goes through every respect possible of the editing job from the size to colors nothing goes unnoticed so that our customers can have peace of mind and do their best at their own tasks. After sending the images, we take responsibility if the client is dissatisfied with anything despite our work being thoroughly tactful and seeks perfection.

Our background modifications follow every inch of the image making sure every detail is taken into consideration then it is checked once and then checked again leaving no space for flows and mistakes to sneak in. Tradexcel Graphics’ clients are always happy with our meticulous editing qualities and for that, we are always thankful for the trust they put on us whenever they take a new project with us.

Prompt communication 10 minutes’ max

The other part of Tradexcel Graphics’ new or usual clients are happy with is our assistance and communication rates exceeding the customers’ expectations. We are always on watch in order to satisfy every little need related to image and background editing for that we keep in touch with the clients and read every email or message they send and respond fulfilling their wishes within 10 minutes.

Tradexcel Graphics features include being highly professional displaying a great deal of communication skills allowing us to hear every instruction from the client and make sure to properly reassure them and work properly on each one of those demands. Responding with the needed information and content is one of our various ways to show how much we care about the customers and show the extent of our commitment to high quality standards.

Strict confidentiality

Tradexcel Graphics is a highly professional editing company understanding the implications of our high specifications standards we keep and maintain confidentiality information related to our clients’ information or the information related to their tasks, at all times. No third party has access to our databases nor do we neglect security standards.

We seek the ultimate satisfaction of the clients at every aspect and level so we implement an honors code and we renew security standards and norms to protect our customers along the time they work with us so that our company supports and contributes to customers’ projects thriving. Our devotion has no limit, all we thrive for is to give the customer the best experience when using our services, and purchasing our high standers products at convenient prices, mostly the best deals on in the field.

Overall, Tradexcel Graphics is the company that understands the client the most offering them the best deals they can find in the image and background-editing field. Tradexcel Graphics offers various background changes for any image at very high quality and standards. The background removal allows to completely get rid of the initial background which tends to hinder the clients project this allows the image to highlight the important item in the picture. The implementation of a white background gives other option to the client from putting their brand name or logos to slogans and points about the image and even write any type of characteristics, many clients also choose to leave the white background, as it is to give the image a more sophisticated aspect. The transparent background in another hand is meant to completely cut the image from the background and allowing changing the frame and putting it in a new one.

Tradexcel Graphics edits photos and images at a high efficiency rates offering more ranges of choices and working faster than before and quicker than any other editing company with low prices and precise background editing. Tradexcel Graphics also deploys huge investments is new technologies from software to hardware ensuring the best results provide by our experienced and innovative professionals who make sure to stay up dated with the latest image and background editing techniques offering you more than you would expect from us.

Next to quality is availability, if Tradexcel Graphics want to be the best and serve the best we must be present whenever needed this is why we are working everyday all day without exaggeration. The quality Tradexcel Graphics provide goes along with the quality desired by our client, we make sure not to alter the specifications of the main image. Afterwards, we check and check again every little detail in order to bring the best of our client’s images.

At Tradexcel Graphics we are aware that quality background editing is all the client needs and as much as those needs vary and can occur at any time we maintain a replying time around 10 minutes as well as the confidentiality of all occurring communications.

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