Image Masking

Although it may seem obvious, there are some photographs that are easier to edit than others. Images used in e-commerce websites or digital magazines are often complex and come with outlines that bend and curve in many directions. Because clipping path is difficult to apply there thanks to the uneven and delicate outlines, more complex photo manipulation techniques must be used. In instances such as these, the top design professionals at Tradexcel implement various image masking methods that enhance the clarity and quality of photos.

Our skilled and reputable designers make providing the highest quality products to clients our top priority; for all areas of image masking services, this means ensuring the isolation of photos is precise and the edges are clean. Keeping this goal in mind, TGL is able to provide perfected images to clients in a timely manner while reducing their overall costs at the same time.

Photo Masking Services Offered

Manipulating an image with complex angles requires significant attention to detail and skill. With many years of experience in the digital design industry under our belts, Tradexcel Graphics creates dynamic vector illustrations transformed from a client’s original photo. Our knowledgeable illustration team boasts veteran experience using the latest software and technologies (such as Adobe Photoshop CS3) to provide superior image masking services to every client. The common techniques used by Tradexcel include:

  • Fur and Hair Masking
  • Complex Layer Masking
  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Transparent Image Masking
  • Translucent Masking
  • Collage Masking
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Brilliancy in application is a must if one wants to successfully edit a photo with challenging outlines. As clipping path and image masking services are amongst the most advanced manipulation techniques, it is always best to hire an innovative and experienced professional to get the job done right. After many years in the digital design industry, TGL knows what it takes to accommodate even the most difficult masking requests. Our skilled image editing professionals provide the best quality photos while remaining completely dedicated to complete client satisfaction. In addition to offering 24/7 customer support and cost-effective solutions, customers can feel at ease by taking advantage of our FREE image masking and clipping path trial. Sign-up today by calling +1 (800) 248-3982 FREE and you’ll instantly see why TGL has been the long-standing international leader in photo editing!
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