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Are you searching for a best image masking service provider or who provide affordable Photoshop Image masking involves several, photo editing methods and techniques that play a major part in modern day photography. It is a complex process and is not always required. But the need for this comes up whenever your work revolves around complex images, which are widespread across many digital magazines and e-commerce websites. Clean edges, impeccable outlining and precision are something we specialize in.

Image masking is an essential service in TradeXcel Graphics limited, this explains the reason why it is among the core services in the TradeXcel Graphics. Image designing is a technique that entails of photo editing, and it plays a significant role in today’s photography. In TradeXcel Graphics limited we use image masking in elaborate photos which mostly appear in e-commerce websites and in digital magazines. Mainly we concentrate on cleaning edges, impeccable precision and outlining. When looking for a company to your image masking needs, TradeXcel Graphics is the best company you can land at. TradeXcel Graphics offers professional experts in image masking who are well experienced and are equipped with needed skills. The experts are very creative when offering image masking services this is because they have been through different kinds of image masking work. This is guarantees the clients that they will get a good quality of image masking services at affordable prices and all they need is to try TradeXcel Graphics today.

TradeXcel Graphics we provide world-class Graphics, website developing and image editing. TradeXcel Graphics mostly works for magazines, newspapers, modeling agencies, e-commerce shop, digital photographers, printing and publishing companies and advertising agencies. It gives 24/7 graphic designing and image editing services to all the companies across the globe. The core services in TradeXcel Graphics are clipping path. This is among the variety of modern-day image manipulation which is mostly used to erase image backgrounds. Clipping path is quite complicated, and it is crucial to hire a trusted clipping path provider to get an appealing result of your expectations. Image masking is another service that TradeXcel offers. This is a sophisticated technique and mostly used in multiple photos. TradeXcel Graphics team are experts and can deliver al the kinds of image masking. Other core services are Ghost Mannequin, e-commerce image-ready, Retouching and color corrections.

TradeXcel is the number one choice for your image masking requirements. Our expert image masking services are a result of our creative and proficient design professionals. Backed by experience and the right knowledge, our experts can easily deliver for all kinds of image masking tasks. If quality image masking services are what you want at competitive rates from the best professionals at work, get in touch with us at TradeXcel today!

Why Choose TradeXcel?

TradeXcel Graphics masking services ensure that your pictures are perfectly presented, to achieve the best results, Image masking has to pass several tests. These tests ensure that complex images derived from professional photography sessions expose the product. Image masking is a requirement for High definition images intended for print purposes such as Magazines E-commerce web-content or even phot framing. In order to achieve desired results these photos have to go through trimming, outlining, and color adjustments as well as layer masking so as to meet design requirements.

  • Quality: Our team always prioritizes quality over anything else. As a result, expect the final images to be as crisp, clear and precise as you can imagine them.
  • The range of Services: As mentioned earlier, this service involves several methods and techniques. Thankfully for those who require these services on a regular basis, we serve our clients with the entire range of image masking services.
  • Right on Time: All our tasks are completed within the specified deadline. Even if we have a short window to complete our work, we do it ensuring the best quality possible.
  • Reduced Costs: Our efficient approach to work is beneficial to the clients as costs are reduced drastically, and they have to pay much less than they would if they hired the services of any of our competitors.
  • Experience: With several years of experience, our team of expert designers is perfectly able to tackle any image masking challenge they are given.
  • Dynamic: We keep our team up-to-date with the latest developments in image masking technologies. Thus, you have the most dynamic experts in TradeXcel Graphics.
  • Customer Support: We remain accessible to our clients throughout the day. No matter what your image masking difficulty is, just grab your phone and dial our number. We would be happy to assist.

TradeXcel Graphic’s Image Masking Techniques

  • Collage Masking
  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Translucent Masking
  • Transparent Image Masking
  • Complex Layer Masking
  • Fur and Hair Masking

Image masking techniques involve a variety of tasks that are integral to achieving results. At TradeXcel Graphics we understand the importance of mastering this skill. Detailed retouching and masking techniques allow the designer to accomplish a variety of effects for several purposes. To explain our understanding of Image masking and its functions we have to look at two essential factors revolving around Photoshop image masking.

  1. Types of masking
  2. Benefits of good masking results.

Types of Masking

There are two types of masking Layer Masks and Clipping Mask. Make no mistake; Masking is one of the most critical features of Photoshop. TradeXcel Graphics masking services work best in both areas, our results speak for itself.

  1. Layer Masking

Layer masking involves an application given to a layer to control the transparency of that layer. In this case, a good mask provides the designer with more control over specific areas. The results are always impeccable; the freedom to play around with different layer section with the advantage of exposing one layer more than the other still impresses your clients. When you add a mask to a layer, an invisible grayscale canvas covers the entire layer. This means that applying a mask does not necessarily mean that results will be visible immediately. With this canvas, the ability to play around with photo pixels presents itself giving us a new array of capabilities. A good designer knows how important it is to be able to play around with the pixels in a picture. TradeXcel Graphics ensures that before any project is handed over to the client, all these options are taken advantage of.

  1. Clipping Mask

There is a similarity between Layer mask and clipping mask, using these skills is to experts. A layer can be used as a mask to another layer in such a case you stack two separate layers. However, the bottom layer determines the transparency of the overlying layer.

  1. Benefits of Good Masking

TradeXcel Graphics has a variety of uses for these tools, for example, styling a title to match a background has been a unique style used by creatives especially in magazines and newspaper. This effect is a perfect example used to give the audience at hand a sneak peek at what is beneath the cover or design. Another example is merging two layers to achieve a demonstration that cannot be captured by a camera. You can showcase a burning house just by adding a fire mask on top of the house.

In essence, the limits are in one’s creativity, and at TradeXcel Graphics, we ensure that we take advantage of our assets and creativity. For us, it’s just another fun day at work.

Various Methods

Image masking can be achieved through various methods, some of which are quicker than others. The results are depended on the intentions. At TradeXcel Graphics we feel like it is essential to explain what image masking entails and how it can benefit our clients here are nine Image masking types and how they can work for you:

  1. Lock Transparency. 

Lock transparency properties are similar to Clipping masks. When you switch Lock transparency on you, have the ability to keep the contours of the layers the same. This makes it is used to ensure pixel perfection images of different layers.

  1. Quick Masking. 

Quick masking is a stage where a layer area is isolated and we concentrate effects on the edges without tampering with the underlying layers.

  1. Edge mask refinement 

This is a more detailed refinement method for quick masking. TradeXcel Graphics trainees ensure that each image layers’ values are adjusted to achieve high-resolution layers for quality effects.

  1. Mask feathering and density

This is a feature that allows the edges of a layer to be smoothened out to the highest possible outcome without destroying the layer. It also works better in the creation of vectors for web use.

  1. Custom brushes and Pixel masks 

Brushes come in handy when you want to adjust specific pixels to achieve unique results. There is a variety of brushes available online. Each is unique with different shapes to match your needs.

  1. Vector Masks

Vector masks are used for precise edge refining. This ensures clean and sharp edges that make an image look realistic when placed on top of another layer.

  1. Multi Masking. 

Aside from pixel and vector masks placed in the same layer multi masking comes in handy when you have to select layers with complicated edges. Seasoned designers here often handle this detail at TradeXcel Graphics.

  1. Gradient Mask. 

Gradient masks are used to apply gradient effect between several layers. The beauty of gradient masking is that this effect can be easily adjusted without affecting the underlying layers and easily alter them to achieve good results.

  1. Clipping Mask.

Clipping masks are useful tools for taking advantage of the contents of a layer as a mask for another layer. For example, you can use an image inside a text.


At TradeXcel Graphics we ensure that the capabilities of these tools are limitless, we invest in our employees by providing the best working environment as well as motivation so that these assets are fully stretched to the benefit of our clients. Since this is an issue of creativity, we assist trainees by proving mentorship programs where seasoned graphic designers in the image masking section take time with trainees and help trainees to grasp the skills faster. Teamwork and efficiency are critical to the performance of TradeXcel Graphics.

TradeXcel Graphics concentrates mostly on the quality of our services, and we ensure that this is what our clients get at the end of the services. Currently, in the company, we have flexible capacity that we can handle without difficulties and we are looking forward in the future to increase the volume of our services to reach to all our customer needs. The capacity of our services includes the following:

Capacity & Capability

TradeXcel Graphics has more than 120 working stations this consists of both Mac and Pc. Our well trained and experienced trainees can produce a total of 100,100 and above images per month. The company owns one of the largest ISPS in Bangladesh, it also has a licensed multiple user copies of Adobe Creative Suits 6 masters, and a 3,500sft of production area in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Our zero-tolerance policy gives our staff the ability to ensure top-notch quality work at best turnaround time. We have a flexible capacity and firm future plan. TradeXcel Graphics can handle:

  • 100,100 images per month
  • 120 workstations (both Mac & PC)
  • 36 Image Manipulation Trainees
  • 87 Junior Graphic Designers
  • 33 Senior Graphic Designers (Supervisors)
  • 28 Quality Assurance Professionals
  • 5 Production Management
  • NEC Express 5800/100 series R140a-4 server
  • Capability to work 24 hours in 3 batches

Graphics design industry slats of Bangladesh include more than 50 formal organizations for digital graphic designs, more than 1,000 private agencies which train digital graphic designers. TradeXcel Graphics has more than 50,000,000 employees who already work for the print and web media in Bangladesh. The image processing firms, photography studios, prepress and print media that employ digital graphic designers exceed more than 100,000,000 in Bangladesh. TradeXcel Graphics experts are the best comparing to India even with the same price range.

The company is highly adaptive to the changes of technology and of media. With this and the other features, we are in a favorable position, and we can offer a sustainable growth. TradeXcel Graphics also ensures it gives out a large scale and sustainable production with competitive prices without compromising the quality.

Tradexcel Graphic Skill Sets.

TradeXcel Graphics we have a variety of well-trained skillful professionals who have a good experience in graphic designing and web developing. It is because of these versatile skills and experiences that the company can give excellent quality service. The company has put in place various quality laws and tools which should be strictly adhered to promote outstanding quality services. TradeXcel Graphics   is committed to providing the following services:

Image manipulation-this involves services like image masking, clipping path, image cleaning, cloning, and shadowing, also product image processing. Our experts are well trained, and you can be assured of efficient image manipulation.

Low and High Digital End Image Retouching.

These services include fashion, glamour retouching and image effects creation. The company provides all these services in bulk, and our employees have enough skills to give the best quality services.

Graphic Designs

TradeXcel Graphics has experts who are creative and able to come up with a variety of designs in web media and print. Our innovative graphic designs are advertisement designs, corporate identity designs, web Graphics and print media designs like magazines, books, newsletters and newspapers among others.

Typesetting and Prepress

TradeXcel Graphics has a variety of experts who are trained in proving a variety of typesetting and prepress services. We usually offer online services mostly, and this explains why we primarily concentrate on online typography and prepress services. Our services in this sector include image enlargement, print media optimization, color separation and typesetting designs.

Other services that we offer in TradeXcel Graphics are network administration, web developers, web designs, digital marketing for both print and web specialists, print media specialists, IT project management, graphic design training which conducts in-house training of trainers who act as a support to the professional team. Operating systems like Ubuntu, Linux, Windows and iOS, and software whereby our professionals have been equipped with essential skills in image Photoshop, fireworks, flash, page maker, illustrator, and many others.

Customer Service.

TradeXcel graphic we value our customers, and we ensure that we give them the best experiences. Our staff is trained in customer’s services etiquettes to enable our customer’s needs are duly satisfied. In TradeXcel graphic we have a strong customer service team that operate whole day and night and who have excellent communication skills. We also have customer relationship management, call centers, and image delivery support.


We welcome to try TradeXcel Graphics Ltd, and we know that the timely delivery of your project is key to making your business achieve its goal. Our dedicated employees work towards providing the best results. We work towards being the industries best when it comes to Graphics. To do that we require the challenges presented by our customers, In return, we take the initiative to understand our clients’ needs. This is possible with an able team that brainstorms every project to give it that personalized touch. In the end, it’s the story that makes the business, and this extends to our projects as well as our customers.

We understand the importance of confidentiality. At TradeXcel Graphics Ltd we handle every project with utmost secrecy our various departments provide a one-stop solution to business needs. Our prices are competitive, and the standards are high, we ensure that before we hand over the project to the client quality control measures have to be made.

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