Surprisingly, today, not many people know that each picture can be edited to make them brighter and more beautiful. But those who ever heard about photo restoration services, necessarily take this opportunity that would liven up the photo and make it better.

Are your photos scratched or turned out to be dull with time? Are they ragged, faded or have parts lost from them? Are your photographs filled with blemish or bad skin caused by bacteria or mold? Your precious clicked moments definitely need image restoration for future preservation.

Let TGL, a world class prepress Graphics Design, Image Editing outsourcing firm from Bangladesh helps you with to retrieve your old and worn out photos with their proficiency in using the most advanced image restoration services for restoring old photos or images.

Image Restoration Powerful Tool

Image restoration – is a powerful tool in the life of any person who wants to make professional pictures. It’s no secret that the brilliant TV stars, captivating models and celebrities who adorn magazine coverages in reality is somewhat different. So why not for a moment feel like a star? The service provides tremendous opportunities: adjusting size and aspect ratio, retouching, photo restoration, creating customized cards, calendars and more.

As it was mentioned above digital photo editing like clipping path help to fix minor appearance defects, change picture background, remove unwanted elements or add an intriguing title. Thus it is the best way to fill the album with beautiful and high quality pictures.

The professional experts of Image restoration services work to provide customized Image Restoration service for all forms of image restoration such as restoring reimbursement due to hammering of pigments, repair shade staining, revive those rotten or torn or folded images, restore image borders, remove dirt and scratches and much more. We have become a maestro in photo restoration service and varied other professional photo editing service and efficiently handle projects on coloring black and white photos, sepia tone conversions, perform selective tints, add new color schemes, perform digital hand coloring, color adjustments, tints, duo tones & balancing tones and much more. The Image Restoration service of Tradexcel is broadly divided into two categories such as

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