Since not everyone is a professional photographer, it goes without saying that not every shot one takes is going to be absolutely perfect. Whether the image appears blurry or has been damaged by wear and time, utilizing photo retouching services can revamp pictures by hammering out imperfections and adding a sense of clarity. As these methods are complex and time consuming, individuals, companies, and even professional photographers often hire skilled graphic designers to perform image retouching and clipping path services such as:

With over ten years of experience in the photo manipulation industry, Tradexcel saves clients time and money by tackling the tough (but necessary) photo retouching process. The quality of pictures one produces will set an impression on others, and businesses always strive to make the most positive mark possible. Our knowledgeable staff has assisted clients from nearly every industry to enhance their dull or blurry photos into sharp, clear pictures that will target customers and obtain conversions.

Offered Photo Retouching Services

The expert team at TGL combines industry experience and advanced photo retouching techniques to produce the highest quality images for clients. Our dynamic designers have the training and innovation to transform a client’s vision into a reality, complete with a quick turnaround time and reasonable price. TGL superior photo retouching services include:

  • Correct Tone & Exposure Color
  • Dust & Mold Texture Removal
  • Rebuilding & Recreating Images
  • Refining & Polishing Images
  • Fashion Photo Retouching & Restoration
  • Brightness Enhancement & Shadow Highlight Adjustment
  • Blur Grain Treatment
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Restoration of Missing Areas of an Image
  • Color Cast Removal
  • Perform Graphic Surgery to Eliminate Cracks or Rips
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Thanks to our strong professional background in image editing, TGL has earned an international reputation for being the go-to company for one’s photo retouching needs. With a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and a keen eye for detail, our skilled designers save clients time and money while producing stunning photos. TGL puts client’s minds at ease by offering 24/7 customer support, reasonable rates, and a FREE photo retouching trial! Take advantage of this exclusive offer by calling +1 (718) 569-7007 today; you’ll instantly see why thousands have trusted TGL to put the finishing touches on their pictures!

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