As image editors, we love photography, and photographers.The success of Tradexcel Graphics’ image processing and clipping path service is due largely to the rich history of, and continued modern advancements in the field of photography. These days, we’re all taking pictures — with our iPhones, and our iPads, and our Nikons — but there was once a less-photographed time, a time during which the general consensus was: Cameras steal your soul.

  1. The f-number of the human eye varies from f/8.3 under very bright light, to somewhere around f/2.1 in the dark.
  2. Introduced in the year 1900 by Eastman Kodak, the Brownie was one of the first cameras produced for commercial, individual sale. The casing was a cardboard box; the lens was simple, and the whole contraption cost just one dollar.
  3. More than 250 million photographs are uploaded to Facebook each day.
  4. Facebook’s catalog of photos contains 10 thousand times more photos than the Library of Congress
  5. A collector in Mumbai, Dilish Parekh, has acquired 4,425 antique cameras since purchasing his first in 1977. The oldest camera in Parekh’s collection dates back to 1907.
  6. From the window of his estate, French photographer Nicéphore Niépce took the world’s first photograph, which he aptly titled “View From The Window At Le Gras.” Exposure time has dramatically improved since 1826.
  7. The most expensive camera ever sold — a rare Leica from 1923 — went for 2.16 million euros (That’s $2.7 million US dollars.) at an auction in Vienna.
  8. Since the introduction of the medium, humans have taken more than 3.8 trillion photographs.
  9. The creation of the first color photograph is credited to Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell. The year was 1861. Maxwell thrice photographed a tartan ribbon, and each time used a different color filter: red, blue, and yellow. He then combined all three images to form the final color composite. Pretty cool, huh?
  10. Thirty-seven percent of all photos taken in 2012 were taken using camera phones. By this time next year, it’s anticipated that that number will exceed 50 percent.
  11. The first man to be photographed was having his shoes shined in Paris.
  12. In just two minutes’ time, more pictures are taken than during the entirety of the 19th century.
  13. You really do have a good side! According to a study conducted by researchers at Wake Forest University, our faces effect more emotion on the left side than on the right, a display that others understand as more pleasant. So when you want to really work it, work it to the left.