In today’s competitive market companies need to minimize their costs and increase their profits. The most efficient way of accomplishing this is by outsourcing the services in which they lack the expertise to handle effectively. For professional photographers photo retouching is one of the services that should be outsourced.


For marketing purposes, images are used to send a very specific message to a targeted audience. In order to accomplish this, the images must first be edited and manipulated. Photo retouching is a process where the brightness and contrast of an image are used in such a way to alter the intensity of the tones in the image. Retouching an image might include removal of unwanted obstructions such as dust and scratches. Photo retouching can also be used to change the colors of objects in the image, change the orientation of objects in the image, to select and merge images or to add special effects.

Marketing and photography companies are always on the lookout for innovative ways to cut their costs and improve their efficiency. When these companies attempt to handle everything in-house they often lose out on their core capabilities and hamper down their profits. The very best way to ensure that profits continue to climb is for these companies to outsource tasks such as photo retouching to image manipulation experts.

Benefits of outsourcing photo retouching include:

  • Lower costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Saves time and money without compromising the quality of work

Image editing services such as photo retouching is a necessity for many businesses and professional photographers. The process of photo retouching is time consuming and requires extensive training and experience. Outsourcing this work to an experienced image editing service can be extremely cost effective. Outsourcing photo retouching frees up resources and maximizes a company’s time and money.

Tradexcel Graphics has over ten years of experience in the photo manipulation industry. They offer high quality photo retouching services such as:

  • Image correction for sales and auctions
  • Facial and body editing services
  • Optimization of real estate and automobile imagery
  • Enhancement of profile pictures for social networking websites
  • Correction of photos of babies and small children
  • Adjustment of landscape, animal and nature images

Tradexcel Graphics Limited offers photo retouching and graphic design services to companies both large and small. Tradexcel Graphics is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and provides quality photo retouching services at rock bottom prices. For more information, please contact them today.