Optimizing graphics for the web is extremely important and yet many people simply don’t spend the extra time to do it, possibly because they don’t fully understand the benefits or know how to accomplish it. Or maybe they don’t mind waiting for their webpage to load, although I doubt this is the case. Benefits of web graphic optimization include:

  • Less storage space on the server
  • Less bandwidth is necessary to process the file
  • Since storage and bandwidth needs are decreased, hosting costs will be lower
  • Faster file and page loads creates a much more positive visitor experience, which will typically lead to more visits to your website

In addition, optimizing web graphics is environmentally friendly. Let me explain how. When you reduce the load that you are requiring of web servers then you can extend the life of their machines. This results in less computer waste. Also, using less storage space and bandwidth also results in a decrease in electricity consumption.

In order to optimize graphics for web use you must first understand a few key points about web graphic optimization. You will want to get the image as small as possible without losing any of the visual quality. Every single image is different so it’s absolutely critical to find the right balance with each individual image. It should be noted that it is possible to over optimize an image. Quality graphics and pictures are extremely important to a good quality website. In fact, optimizing graphics for the web is crucial if you are running an ecommerce site or online store. Poorly optimized graphics can easily compromise the quality of a website.

Tradexcel Graphics understands the importance of web graphic optimization to your web business. Their web graphic optimization experts are highly trained in web graphic formats and can accurately minimize the file size of GIFs, JPEGs and PNGs while still maintaining optimal graphic quality. Tradexcel Graphics offers both ecommerce website graphic optimization as well as web template customization.  Their design experts have decades of Photoshop experience, ensure a quick turnaround time, and guarantee one hundred percent satisfaction. Tradexcel Graphics is committed to providing the best possible experience for their customers.

Tradexcel Graphics Limited offers web graphic optimization to companies both large and small. For more information on how Tradexcel Graphics can help you speed up your website load time and reduce website bailout rates, please contact us today!