A Logo is a graphical mark or presentation of an organization or company or even for individuals to promote instant public appearance. It could be purely graphic (symbol/graphics) for either composed the name of the organization. Logo Design is an important but difficult area of creative corporate identity design to perform. Designing Logo is a part of creative designing where needs to create it as an embodying factor for the company. For a newly build company, it is very essential to promote a logo for the company for their corporate Identity. Even an established company may need to change their logo for various purposes. Logo used on the Business Card, Brochure, Envelop, Letter Head and all papers and instruments which represent company identity through it.

You may find different software which can create Logos automatically. They cost a little and can provide it in seconds. But they never can pass the quality measures. The quality is worse and lost their consistency while make it large. The best way to create a unique Logo is manually; by a creative designer or Logo Design Firm.

For creating Logo, first of all, you need to know about what they are and what they do for which you are designing. It is very important to know the opinion of the company what they want to see in Logo. Is it only oriented with the image or text or a mixture of both image and text. The letter might require more sharp lines and colors, which may get a benefit to create vibrant design that howler for attention. After that, you need to choose in which way you can make it a perfect look. The best way is to make a sketch by paper and pencil, because no image manipulation or design software can’t overflow the creativity of paper and pencil.

If you are more familiar with computer, go through it and choose the program what you prefer to use. Now think about the Shape. Whether it will Square, Rectangular or Circle. Choose what best fit with the company. If you want to include letter; select Font, Font Size, Color, Depth, and Weight. You may also use lines to decorate it. Think what others usually do; it’s not necessary it should be like those. Create something out of the box rather than trendy. Try to make it simple but not that simple that it looks generic. Create it as vector file, so that you may resize it. Print it and examine from every angle; from down to top, side to side. Visualize how it looks on large objects like covered van or even on small things like business card.

The process is based on client’s need and choices. But there is still a plenty of room to run. It’s upon you; just spread your brilliance to make it a masterpiece.