Hair Masking is not an easy task, but here we make it easier. It needs skills, hard concentration and time. In this tutorial we will show you the easy way of hair masking which can done by anyone, less concentration and in short time.

This is the image for today’s test subject.


Step 1:

Open an image you wish to mask the hair in Photoshop.

 Step 2:

Copy Background layer.


Step 3:

Create a new adjustment layer with a solid color .


Step 4:

Select Background copied layer.





Step 5:

Select Background eraser tool.



 Step 6:

On the top portion, setting options should be visible for Background erase tool.



Step 7:

Now adjust the setting: (suitable for your image)

Accurate tolerance value as per you need

Select limit: Discontiguous

Select sampling: once-.





Step 8:

Start moving the eraser tool/brush on the area of hair you wish to mask.




Step 9:

Reduced or Increase the tolerance to abject hair density.


step 9

Step 10:

Look here the overlapping masking.



 Step 11:

To erase overlapping masking select erase tool.


Step 12:

Now, check this (erase to history) check box.

b1 i12

 Step 13:

Change the brush size: as per your requirement-

Step 14:

Then, back to original by history.


Step 15:

Select the previously created clipping path.


Step 16:

Look, Background has not been erased here and need to erase in this portion.


 Step 17:

Path need to be in selection mood (Ctrl+Enter).


Step 18:

Go back to layer.


Step 19:

Make quick selection (Press Q after select the path).

Step 20:

Mask the layer.


Step 21:

Now you are able to change the Background to any color or put to any other images.




Step 22:

That’s it, save the image, wherever you want to be.

This is the easiest way to mask hair from the background. Now you can make your mask by following above few steps only. Also here is the video tutorial for hair masking. Keep tuned and subscribe us to get more effective visual.