Peoples are comfortable to shopping online and e-commerce is the biggest platform of business and keep growing every day.

The design of an eCommerce website and the pictures in it plays a very very important rule in its success. Well thought-out imagery is a crucial factor in incentive sales and keeping users interested from the moment they land on your website.

As an online store owner, you possibly don’t need something super fancy and perplexing, but you DO need to present your brand and your products in a way that is clear, consistent and pathetic- and you need something that CONVERTS (i.e. a design, page and graphics that converts traffic into sales)!

Some researchers now believe that choice of graphics is just as important as usability in eCommerce. So how should they be used?

The Importance of Graphic Design

Web Design and Marketing Approaches

Since I called it a part of the strategy to lure the customers. It would be like to say that this illustration is significant and you have to see this. Mainly if you have a new product and you must grow the product awareness. Then mostly, the web designer will put a bigger and responsive illustration to gain the audience’s attention. Whether they are just go by or have the intention to buy something from your store. In short, the graphic design is a tool to be in touch what you served.

But, as a reminder, this article mostly will talk about product-based business, not a service-based business. Since a company that sells product will see this as a vital part of its business.

You can see some online store of a mobile phone. Apple, Asus, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and other platforms use huge pictures to gain your attendance. With minimum notes below and a sprinkle of animation, you can see the sophistication of their product. And finally, you hit the ‘buy now’ button to get one for yourself or perhaps become a drop shipper to get profit from it.

Not just device, we see a lot of electronics, toys, items of furniture, and most other e-commerce stores use the ‘big pictures’ strategy to gain attention. With one call-to-action button, they could direct the customer to buy more and more. Jump from one product page to another one. As people fill their shopping cart, the coupon strategy or free-shipping strategy will take the role of checkout and your revenue will increase gradually.

I think that’s the importance or the power of graphic design. So if you already have a talented graphic designer on your team, don’t waste your opportunity. But if you still got some hole in your team, let’s talk more about it in

Don’t leave yet. I still have more example from three e-commerce business fields.

Web Site

Your website is the virtual front door to your business. When visitors arrive, you want them to know that you’re the real deal, that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re trustworthy.

In a survey of 2,684 people, 46.1 percent said the most important determinant of website credibility was the design look, according to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab. By comparison, just 14.3 percent of respondents said the accuracy of information was a top factor.

Many things contribute to a good design look of a site. If it’s confusing to navigate, contains irrelevant information or the tone of the content doesn’t match the organization’s goals, these factors will detract from its credibility.

Images play a major role in a site’s look as well, but it’s critical to consider the purpose of each picture and graphic. People don’t like filler photos, and they don’t pay them much attention, either. Nielsen Normal Group eye-tracking studies found that people generally ignore pictures that serve no purpose, such as stock photos.

“When businesses first started using stock photography because they couldn’t afford real photography, it was a big deal,” Brafton Design Director Ken Boostrom explained. “But now people look at stock photography like it’s a plague.”

Wings of Good Quality Graphic Design

Make you markable & memorable

What do you think of when you see a rounded, yellow-colored letter M, or a black jumping jaguar? You know the answers well.

The reason behind your well-established perception of these symbols is successful branding through good quality graphic designs.

Symbol of Quality

Customers tend to associate your products and their features with your graphic designs and logos. That’s how they start creating your image and linking your image with the quality that you offer.

When you deliver value to the customers accompanied by catchy graphic designs, it builds trust among the customers and your designs become a symbol of quality for them.

When you pick up a product of Nike, you do not expect it to be of moderate quality. This is because of Nike’s value proposition and effective branding through graphic designs.

Media to Communicate with Potential Customers

Graphic designs do not only establish recognition and identity, they talk to the customers. Graphic designs flourish a unique tone for your brand, build sentiments for your products, and evoke expectations among customers for your products.

Therefore, paying adequate attention to graphic designs would definitely bring success to your brand.

Graphics Design in an eCommerce Business


Hopefully, I have you convinced of just how powerful graphics can be when used correctly on your ecommerce store. Just remember to choose your images wisely, give them space, offer a range of lifestyle-focused alternatives, and optimize correctly for SEO to see maximum returns. And finally: TEST. To succeed, you have to know what’s working. And if it’s not, you know what to do.