Its often being confusing between the use of Clipping Path and Masking. These two services are both use to isolate any object from an entire image but the process is totally different to each other.
Here we will discuss the use and difference between these twos:

Clipping Path is drawn in Photoshop with Pen Tool so as to get rid of the background from any object. Clipping Path isn’t that advanced as compared to Masking, and it’s particularly helpful for pictures with the sharp edge, it provides excellent shiny edge cutout. Take a glance at the subsequent example.

Simple CP

That was a straightforward, easy way, isn’t it? However, if the product we’d like to cut-out from the background is not that an easy formed, however, one thing like hair, fur etc?


Its not possible to draw a Path for every and each hair, if it could, this will take much effort and time. Are we able to meet the quality we seeking for? Let’s do a masking!


You should find the problem. Its not that natural as the original image is. Seems like the hair was cut employing a snip and natural reflection is no longer on that. What do you think, what is the best way here? However, will we tend to take away the background from this sort of object whereas keeping the hair/fur details as it is? Photoshop Masking is the proper way!

Many tools and techniques can be applied in Photoshop to mask out the background. Such as Background Eraser Tool, Magic Eraser Tool, Colour separation technique etc. It depends on the image various method is applicable to realize the most effective result. And for advanced pictures, just like on top one, wherever there’s the shadow beneath, or for a picture with several backgrounds, we should try many ways to bring the top class output.


When we mask out the background, we tend to draw a rough Path around the object, 2 or 3 px inside, so as to stay the particular object safe.


This Path isn’t to be used on to take away the background, only to be used once masking. Therefore if we tend to place the finished image into Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign or alternative software, we’ve to ensure that the Path is not active, in another word, Clipping Path shouldn’t be applied to the Path. As a result of if the trail is reborn to Clipping Path, and you place the image into Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, everything outside the trail will be omitted. Therefore you lose the hairs/fur outside of the object.