Many companies use cartoon illustrations and caricatures for promotional use. They use them in logos, print work, on T-shirts and other promotional items and on their websites. Cartoon art portrays a friendly, approachable image for businesses and can be used to create a decipherable brand. Tradexcel Graphics offers professional custom cartoon art and illustration services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of their clients. They employ a team of highly trained experts that strive to provide cartoons, caricatures and graphic design services to a global market. They are equipped with a wide range of drawing as well as design skills and ensure that both large and small projects will be completed in a professional manner and within a standard turnaround time.

Tradexcel Graphics has the capability to turn vector or bitmap images into cartoon images as needed. Their experienced artists work directly with their clients in order to create a decipherable brand for their company. Their cartoon services are not only extremely cost effective but also have the unique ability to improve the sales potential of their company’s products and services.

Tradexcel Graphics offers image to cartoon design to meet a variety of different needs. Their customized graphics and vector graphic services are perfect for both businesses as well as for educational purposes.  Tradexcel Graphics has worked with a number of different clients from all over the world to create:

  • Storyboards
  • Children’s book illustrations
  • Cartoons and caricatures

Vector graphic services offered by Tradexcel Graphics include converting digital files to vector files, converting jpeg images to vector files as well as other digitizing services.

If your business has a project related to digitizing, or vector file conversion, Tradexcel Graphics can help. Their vector graphic designers and digitizers have over ten years of experience helping businesses expand. These top notch graphic designers are capable of designing various types of outputs for both print media as well as web media. Tradexcel Graphics offers extremely competitive prices, quality graphic design services, quick turnaround time and excellent customer service. Their informative website features samples of their vector art services including raster to vector conversions, bitmap to vector conversions, jpeg to vector conversions and other vector graphic services.

For more information about how Tradexcel Graphics Limited can help your company with its graphic design, digitizing, vector image conversions and image to cartoon needs, please contact us today for a FREE trial!