Tradexcel Graphics can separate color from an image into four basic shades named CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). Color separation allows you to print them separately one over the other to make infinite color shades.

Color Separation Service

It is a traditional color separation technique for screen printing, which is very useful for the printing industry. Earlier the color separation was a very complicated task. The skill and vision power requirement was unquestionably the top class.

But modern software is very efficient nowadays to separate color easily. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best software which we use as the best color separation guide.

Best Color Separation Service in Bangladesh

Do you know the printing of an image is a bit different from other image application?

Wondering how! 

It is not easy to print an image on clothes, digital banner, screen, etc. For making an image suitable in normal or digital printing, you must apply the color separation technique to yield the best.

Color separation for screen printing can be useful for image digital printing. It beautifully represents the image on the selected object. As a result, the selected object becomes more alluring.

Traditionally, the technique was very expensive indeed. As the best color separation service provider in Bangladesh, we have years of experience in doing the separation technique.

The only change in the image is color. You can get multiple color images. This multiple color image can be the best color separation guide for future use. You may have confusion but it is not the same as color correction.

As the best color separation service provider in Bangladesh, our team knows how to create the image naturally using the single shades. Our preference is using the Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw for making the color separation guide from a complex image.

We are successful in separating color due to providing the high quality which makes us renowned all over the globe. For smooth global operation, we set up the corporate office for the best color separation service provider in Elmhurst NYC.

Our clients’ recommendation increases our confidence and influences us to improve more to exceed their expectations. The endorsement helps us to grow as the best color separation service provider in Elmhurst NYC and Bangladesh.

Abilities that help us do the best are as follows:

  • Make clear the requirements from the client
  • Understanding the clients demand and supplying the best match
  • Skilled and experienced in using the advanced color separation guide
  • Hands-on expertise in the extraction of complex color from a complicated image
  • Preparing image by applying the correct color separation technique which is suitable for the intended use
  • Incompatible price for the high-level work
  • The expert level output from the latest tools

What Tradexcel Graphics can do for you?

The main services of image color separation services are

  • Spot shade separation
  • Four color separation
  • Simulated or Replicated Process shade separation
  • Color index separation

Since 2009, we have been making our clients happy as the best color separation service provider in Bangladesh. Today, not only in Bangladesh but also we are the best color separation service provider in Elmhurst NYC.

Strategic work planning makes us renowned as the best color separation for screen printing service provider. It is also helpful for us in growing from a small freelance firm to a large freelance organization.

From the very beginning, we have always prioritized the clients’ satisfaction. It helps us in continuous development.

We ensure the ultimate client service by providing the best color separation guide, applying the modern technology, high-end task at a low price, and professionalism in each step.

Tradexcel Graphics is very considering the clients’ benefit. Therefore, we offer compensation in bulk work volume.

We believe that our experts are the main asset for the organization. Our satisfied employees give value able inputs in each of our color separation projects.

Our color separation experts are competent in

  • Clear defining the project requirement to the clients
  • Understand completely the demand of the clients along with the purpose
  • Skilled in the extraction of each shade
  • Able to identify the probable problem
  • Highly skilled in fixing the issues
  • Successful in creating a vector image, photorealistic image, and dotted color shading
  • Effective in softening the color

Benefits of Color Separation Service of Tradexcel Graphics?

Color separation service is very demanding for the printing industry, like paper printing, cloth printing, roll printing, etc. The importance of color separation for screen printing is very difficult to express in words. You can find multiple benefits of the color separation service.

  • Error and hassle-free shade creation
  • Make complex color printable on the textile, paper or clothes
  • No very difficult as the traditional technique by the use of modern CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator
  • The high-level appearance in screen printing
  • Enable printing the image which enhances the beauty of the medium and the image object
  • The alluring printed image acts as a great advertisement which can improve your products’ sale in the market

Why the Color Separation of Tradexcel Graphics Very Impressive?

Can you realize the importance of a glorious image in the printed paper in advertising?

Maybe you don’t.

Color separation for screen printing is very important for digital advertising, printing on clothes, logo creation or gift items.

Your logo represents your brand globally. Therefore, it is very important to present your appealing logo in the best possible areas.

The best color separation service provider in Elmhurst NYC can apply the proven separation technique to create an innovative and alluring logo, which speaks for you. Our experts have sufficient skills for doing this efficiently for you.

Using the updated equipment and software reduces the cost and effort, which was essential in the early days.

We have already told that as a freelance firm we have in hand working experience with multiple clients from all over the world.

We have served them with our expertise in using various tools. However, we prefer using Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw as the best color separation guide.

As the best color separation service provider in Bangladesh, Tradexcel Graphics can be beneficial for your business in many ways.

  • Image regeneration using single or multiple colors
  • Using most updated technology for color separation
  • Single color logo creation for printing on the garment
  • Fixing the undesired issues
  • Softening color to make a useful color separation for screen printing
  • Efficient in the extraction of demanding color from your photograph

Color Correction can Faster the ROI of Your Business

Tradexcel Graphics is efficient in using the best color separation technique to add value in your image printing business regardless of the media.

Therefore, making a trustworthy global partner for making simple color images, you can try service from the best color separation service provider in Elmhurst NYC.

As a professional freelance firm, our primary target is to give you the best value for your trust and money. We believe in long-term business relationships. Therefore, we never compromise with our work quality.

So, you can try a small project or a quick trail to judge the quality we provide. For a quotation or any query about the color separation service, you can send a query email at

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