Ever since its release last month, the Internet has been abuzz with chatter surrounding the many and varied new features offered by Apple’s iOS 8. Apple Pay is great; the Health dashboard is, too, but it’s the Photos app and its enhanced editing tools we’re most excited about clipping path at Tradexcel Graphics Limited.

Photos has only really been good for, well, housing photos. Remember that time when we kept all of our most treasured pictures stashed in a box in the closet? Photos was just a digital version of that box — until now. iPhone photographers no longer have to download a third-party application with which to edit their images.

Let’s walk through it, step by step.

First, launch Photos, and open any image. Tap ‘Edit’. Two tools appear above the picture on the screen: A red-eye corrector, and the magic wand. The magic wand is the simplest of the tools, and arguably the easiest to use. Just tap once, and watch it work its magic. If you don’t like the edits made, just tap again to turn off the magic, and use the tools positioned below to edit photos manually.


This new crop tool does so much more than cropping! Rotate your image 90 degrees, and then 180, and then 240, and back again; use wheel to tilt it on a tighter angle; or change the photo’s aspect ratio entirely.

Preset Filters

Worry not, Instagrammers. No more must you limit yourself to the paltry filters offered by the photo-sharing application. Whether you think your image would benefit from a monochromatic look, or if your favorite color is chrome, Photos filters are here for you. If Valencia is more your style, just tap None to remove any filter you’ve applied.

Light, Color, B&W

This one’s a whopper, a three-in-one. Tap on the tool that looks like a dial, and three submenus appear: Light, Color, B&W (That’s black and white). ‘Light’ allows the photo editor is adjust things like exposure, highlights, shadows, and brightness. Slide the rule back and forth to make changes, and a small dot will guide you back to where you started, if necessary. ‘Color’ deals in concepts like saturation, contrast, and cast; use it to make images cooler or warmer as you see fit. Select ‘B&W’ to turn your color photo into black and white. Alter intensity, neutrals, tone, and grain to fit the black and white affect you hope to achieve.

But, wait…

We’ve all done it. Sometimes you make an edit, only to immediately regret it. That’s another great feature of Photos for iOS 8. Touch ‘Revert’ on the edit screen, and your photo will be as good as new.

If you’re happy with the editing decisions you’ve made, press ‘Done’, and you’re done!