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Do you want to revive your damaged image or remove the unwanted strains to make it more glamorous? Image cleaning and cloning service is an effective technique to fulfill your requirement.

Image cleaning and cloning is a mixed image editing service. Image cleaning deals with the removal of the unwanted object and correcting the light while cloning revives the image to its original look.

We all have one photo in a frame, which contains precious memory, but for any reason, it has lost its appeal. With passing the days, any paper-printed photograph can lose its appeal.

On the other hand, often we find a large or few important portions of an image become rough or disappear due to air humidity. The damaged image lost its appeal in such a way that is not recoverable.

Is it true that the image is not recoverable?

Until 2005, it was indeed a challenging task. It needs a lot of money to recover the image from the damaged. Today with the updated Photoshop software, the task is not very challenging. You can revive the image within a short time without spending more bucks on it.

No matter how much damage it is!

The image cleaning and cloning can revive an image even it exists only one-third of the original. The modern image cleaning and cloning tools can change the early 1900s black and white picture in the original color.

Image cleaning and cloning is the most effective image editing technique to clean up all type of unwanted spots, stains, loose wires, glare, and scratches from the image to enhance the original beauty of that moment.

Often people make confusion by thinking this service as an image retouching or manipulation technique. But in reality, it is very much different from the other available image editing services.

This image editing service is very much popular among the magazines, newspaper, social sharing, film industries, and photo studios. It is also popular among AdSense websites, ad agencies, printing press, e-commerce sites, etc.

Image cleaning and cloning are not only reviving the memory but also increasing the appeal of an image by cleaning the unwanted object, correcting the shades, portrait cleaning, etc. Again it not only involves the coloring the black and white image but also converting the color image into black and white to improve the elegance.

Image Cleaning and Cloning ServicesImage Cleaning and Cloning Services

Best Image Cleaning Service Provider in Bangladesh

Tradexcel Graphics is the ultimate cloning and best image cleaning service provider in Bangladesh. Regardless of the amount of damage in your image, our cleaning and cloning service can successfully restore it in the original appearance.

From 2009 until today, we have built a huge list of satisfied clients. Majority of our clients’ are from the USA. We have also client from different parts of the world. For delivering the service to our clients at a quickest possible time, we set our clients’ office at Elmhurst.

Within a few years of set up, we become the best image cloning service provider in Elmhurst NYC. Every day our clients’ list is increasing and expanding globally. It might be difficult to find the ad agencies who don’t hear about us in Elmhurst.

Since starting, we are the best image cleaning service provider in Elmhurst NYC who offer the service at a low price. We are a step ahead from our competitors due to providing the highest quality at the lowest price. Highly skilled graphic designers and complete lab setup make our task easier to offer low price for image cleaning and cloning.

Our team members have worked in the Upwork, or Fiverr for years. Therefore, they are highly professional in dealing with clients, quick and effective in communication and updated with software and regulations.

We prefer the using of Adobe Photoshop software like classic, Lightroom, and Element, etc. However, our team has competency in using Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro, Photo Cleaner, Duplicate Cleaner, VisiPics, etc.

We always ask the scan copy of your image in jpeg format although we prefer working in PSD file.

Don’t worry about file format!

Tradexcel Graphics can work in any file format you give. We will also return it in your preferred file format, which is suitable for you.

Tradexcel Graphics can be your most trustable partner to make your black and white memory colorful. We are the best image cleaning service provider in Elmhurst NYC to clean up all the unwanted garbage and spots from the images to bring out the best in them.

We have to deal with a large number of photos cloning which is prestigious for our clients. Once we make them satisfy, they recommend us to their relatives and colleagues. This customer satisfaction is the key to our success to become the best image cloning service provider in Elmhurst NYC.

As we found this service is a cash crop for us, we take extra care to provide the image cleaning and cloning service.

We also start cloning reversely to improve the elegance of your image to an extreme extent, which is very popular among our new clients.

If you need a quick proof, you can see our portfolio to understand the level of our experience and skill.

Image Cleaning and Cloning Services

Best Image Cleaning and Cloning Service: We offer

Since 2009, Tradexcel Graphics is popular among the clients’ for their image cleaning and cloning service. We become incomparable because of our high-quality service at a cheap rate.

The globally renowned image cleaning and cloning service contains the following items-

  • Image Milieu Cleaning
  • Milieu Removal from an Image
  • Scratches or Dust Elimination
  • Cleaning the image object
  • Photo Milieu Manipulation
  • Clone the Image from Black and White to Color
  • Reverse Cloning of Colored Image
  • Cropping and Bordering the Photograph
  • Brushing Unwanted Milieu

Contact the Best Image Cleaning and Cloning Service

Tradexcel Graphics gathers fame in image editing industry by the high-quality image cleaning and cloning service. Our expert image editors are the main resource of our fame.

We have experienced and skilled professionals to retouch your image with 100% high-quality work guarantee until you are 100% satisfied with the ultimate output.

By keeping our self completely loyal to our clients makes us trustworthy image cleaning service provider in Elmhurst NYC and Bangladesh.

If you have an image, which requires revive, you can contact us without hesitation and making any delay. We request you to send a query for further clarification by emailing at

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