Tradexcel Graphics Limited (TGL) is a world class pre-press and graphics design house, which works in providing wide ranging Graphics Design and Image Editing solutions to small and big business, media, advertising agencies and printing & publishing companies and more from all corners of the globe. Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a low labor cost region with high availability of skilled graphic artists, we are serving global clients for the last 10 years and achieved reputation as exclusive and Professional Images Editing Service Provider at very competitive price tag.

Tradexcel Graphics Limited ( TGL) is a premier Image Manipulation and Graphic Design outsourcing firm Now you can actually reduce the download time and limit the bandwidth used with compressed graphic images by expert web site graphic design specialist of TGL in your website.

If you are lowing for giving amazing and impressive effects to your images, let us help you create one with our Professional Image editing and Photo Manipulation Service. For example, our experts can add realistic water reflection, displacement effects or those retro comic book effects to give a fresh new look to your images. Add those add realistic Rainbow To your photo or make your digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography or creating those rocking Silhouette with the help of our graphic experts. Our skilled hands can readily create any image effect you want from those dark art picture style to special color effects and stunning effects using glows or create those devil’s eyes or eerie-eye photo manipulation and fantasy art and much more.

We are expert in adding Pop-art Style and Realistic Tattoos to digital photos. If you want us to add those smoky light effects complete with glowing particles or create Ads using Photoshop, we can deliver them with our advanced image manipulation photo editing service with expertise.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now or email at to outsource all your image editing and image effect creation task to us at most affordable price as quick turnaround. We assure you reliability, quality and easy accessibility of our entire photo editing service. Try our Free Trial! Have a quick look at our Gallery for our cost effective services.

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