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While there are many types of photo editing techniques one can use to enhance digital pictures, image shadow is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial. Adding reflection and drop shadow can transform dull illustrations giving them a crisp and attractive appeal. Although the application process may sound simple, image shadow and clipping path methods are often incredibly complex and challenging to implement effectively; that’s why choosing the right photo manipulation professional to complete the job is an increasingly difficult decision.

Boasting many years of experience in the digital design industry, TGL image shadow and also

clipping path service

allow a picture to speak positively for itself. We are committed to providing the highest quality products for all clients; by adding dimension shadow effects will transform a flat picture into a vibrant illustrations, sure to stand out and make a positive impact on the targeted audience.

Clipping Path Service Offered

Especially for pictures used for web media purposes, advertising, and product promotion, implementing shadowing techniques is a fantastic way to add a dash of beauty or dramatic glare to a basic photo. This method implies the placement of a shadow on an image or clip art, ultimately creating the illusion that the focal point of the picture is standing out from the background. The two primary image shadow service provided by TGL include:

Drop Shadow Creation
A drop shadow is a visual effect utilized by designers that gives an image a 3D illusion, giving a viewer the impression that the object or person is raised above the things behind it. Especially effective when used against a white or black background, drop shadow services are particularly beneficial for e-commerce websites, catalogs, magazines, and newspapers.
Natural Shadowing
When utilizing a picture’s natural shadow, a graphic designer will remove the original background and place the image on a white backdrop. Doing so creates enhances a photo’s beautification by providing a floating dimensional illusion that gives it a natural shadow.
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