Regardless of whether a picture was taken by an amateur or a professional, not every photo comes out perfectly. There are several variables and unforeseen circumstances that can cause photos to look distorted or damaged. Retaining reputable portrait retouching or photo retouching services is one of the most effective ways to ensure that all valuable images look their best and make a positive impression.

With over ten years of experience in the digital design industry, TGL knows how important the quality of a picture is. Flawless images can make a significant impact upon others, especially for businesses looking to increase their brand recognition and company reputation. Our expert photo retouching professionals have the skill necessary to capture the true essence to an portrait’s subject, providing significant attention to detail, illumination, clarity, and background color.

Photo Retouching Services Offered

Portrait retouching services works to eliminate imperfections in the skin and other spots from an original photograph. These and other graphical correction techniques make the image lighter and smoother, giving it a refined look. In addition to correcting the color and contrast, portrait retouching services will restore the main aspects of an image and enhance the clarity of the subject.

Our knowledgeable team is comprised of innovative digital designers, all of whom have the ability to correct defects and flaws (such as wrinkles) on any photograph. Tradexcel also prides itself on using the latest software and technology to implement our portrait retouching services, ensuring that every client receives the perfect picture.

The types of face and portrait retouching services we offer include:

  • Corporate Portrait Retouching
  • Black and White Portrait Retouching
  • Baby Portrait Retouching
  • Parent and Child Portrait Retouching
  • Family Portrait Retouching
  • School Day Portrait Retouching
  • Fashion Portrait Retouching
  • Couple Portrait Retouching
  • Wedding Portrait Retouching
  • Pregnancy Portrait Retouching
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The skilled and dynamic team at Tradexcel is dedicated to bringing out the best in every photo we work on. With a strong dedication to brilliant application and superior customer service, our experienced graphic designers make it a point beautiful images one can be proud of. Clients can also rest assured that they are backed by our digital illustration team at all times. In addition to 24/7 customer support and reasonable rates, Tradexcel Graphics also offers a FREE portrait retouching trial! Call us today at +1 (718) 569-7007 to try before you buy; you’ll instantly see why we’re the #1 trusted leader in image editing for individuals and businesses around the globe!

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