Product packaging is actually the in-store face of the company to the rest of the world. It is a company’s expression that communicates its business message to evoke the right emotions and appeal to its consumers.

In the competitive market, standing out from the rest is becoming harder and harder, and every product is striving to get very conceptual in selecting the right product packaging design or Product Label Design and Product Catalog Design that can actually work with their product to drive their brand ethos. Want to craft your story to meet your consumers’ needs? Looking for the right custom design for your product?

Let the product packaging designers at Tradexcel Graphics Ltd. (TGL) craft unique product packaging designs and product label design by creating 3D renderings or prototypes or applying graphics to ensure that the brand image of your product stands out. We try to align communication strategy with logistics and finance to develop a coherent solution to reap benefits for the product manufacturer and retailers.

The product packaging designers at Tradexcel Graphics Ltd. (TGL) has comprehensive experience in the packaging design industry. We easily create eye catching design at an affordable price and readily create all type of packaging, catalogs and labels from food projects to that of garments, furniture, medicines & drugs as well as cosmetics. Our aim is to provide you designs that can create a lasting impression. Our custom made design services for your products include:

· Products Package Design
· Product Label Design
· Product Catalog Design

Let us conceptualize the packaging and product label design to add value & meaning to your product that can give consumers a reason to buy them. Our designs and prototype are analyzed thoroughly to work well with the rest of your packaging system. We work with a goal of designing custom products package design & product label design for a new brand.

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