Above attracting people, label creates a brand identity. Product label design is an impressive tool which can create a trustworthy relationship with the customers by creating a brand image of your product and company.

The lucrative product label is not only a strong marketing tool but also act as a medium of brand creation. The successful promotional campaign is only possible if your product has an attractive label.

Label design is not only a task of creativity and engagement but also a task of appropriate knowledge and skill. For creating a label the designer must have appropriate knowledge on the local and international regulation. The label must be unique and should not violate any copyright.

Like the products package design, the product label design must include informative and catchy content, photograph, call to action (CTA), etc. All the necessary ingredients come together to create a perfect label which is appropriate for a marketing campaign.

The prime target of a label is creating a unique identification and separation system of a product from the others. The ultimate target is engaging potential customers with it and create a brand image in the long term.

Engagement increases sales and speeds up the ROI while branding is important to keep the sales sustainable.

If the product label design has a focal point on creating a brand image through marketing, the marketer will get a golden opportunity to impress the customers and generate a high volume of sale.

Although the product label design has a resemblance with product package design, it has a focus on marketing by brand creation.


From bottle to plastic pack and roll label to piece label, Tradexcel Graphics is renowned as the best product label design company in Bangladesh. From honey to wine, we have created thousands of label for our clients.

Our signature product label design service is successful in creating an effective advertising campaign and cutting a high volume sale for your product.

Our competitors say it a challenging task while we have been helping people since 2009 without making a fear in our clients. Working for many years helps us to provide the high-end product label design at a cheap rate. It allows us to gain the chair of the best product label design services in Bangladesh.

A label is a source of important information which includes the name of manufacturer, manufacturing and expiry date, composition, indications of use, lot number, warning, etc. Therefore, the label is an important media to help the consumer to decide the purchase with proper knowledge.

Tradexcel Graphics can add more value in designing the label beyond the legislation bindings. We design your label as a promotional item to attract potential buyers.

Our signature blended design explore the world to us and make us the best product label design services in Elmhurst NYC. We create a label that answers the various query of your clients within a fraction of second.

We know what people want from a label which we consider while designing the label of a particular product. Therefore, we are successful in the global market.

We have designed labels for multiple manufacturing industries. We have a long list of the satisfied customer which ranges from lifesaving drugs to entertaining spring water. We have worked with pharmaceutical, beverage, bakery, agro, fashion, electronics, fitness, etc.

Highly professional service and multiple revision opportunities help to build our image as the best product label design company in Elmhurst NYC. We have the courage to face the challenge and learn every day. This never ending attitude keep us up to date and makes us the first choice for our local and global clients.

Great label design can attract the customer towards your product and increase the sales growth by influencing the customers to make a purchase. From long experience, we discover a unique buying pattern of customers.

People love to purchase a new product by seeing its label. Customers prefer three things for deciding a purchase for the first time, the ingredient and intended use, attractive label and the price.

After bringing success for our client, we get huge publicity for our signature design. Now we get the respect of the best product label design company in Elmhurst NYC.

Process flow of the Best Product Label Design Services in Elmhurst NYC

  • After getting your order, we talk with you to know some details of your desired label
  • The common information we need from you are :
  1. Business Logo
  2. Product information
  3. File type and dimension
  4. Type of material used for the printing on the label
  5. Text to be used
  6. Branding guidelines
  7. Preferred shape, etc.
  • Make a suitable logo design for your business which contains the following :
  1. Product Name
  2. Product Image
  3. Company Details
  4. Logo
  5. Serialization or barcode
  6. Use and warning
  • We are serious about three main components of the label which is a safe line, trim line, and breed line. We put all the above components inside the safe line. The trim line is for cutting in the press and breed line is the extended area for proper printing.
  • Using our signature blend we finalize the product label design and send for your approval.
  • If you need any revision, we are quick to complete them.
  • After your acceptance, we deliver the label into your desired format and with copyright within 3 business days.

Best Product Label Design Services in Elmhurst NYC: We Offer

Our clients’ know that we prefer using Adobe Photoshop for designing the product’s label. However, we have a premium version of Affinity Designer, CorelDraw, Designer, Canva, etc.

We offer a wide range of service which makes us forward from our competitors. You can find our unique blend in the following –

  1. Notifying the Prospective Buyer
  2. Rendering the Graphic
  3. Model Coloring or Imaging Vector
  4. Branding Focus
  5. Readable Typeface
  6. Theme consistency and Scheming Color

What Make Us the Best Product Label Design Company in Bangladesh

  • Customized illustrated label with an attracting appearance
  • Experience professional can satisfy you, the customers and the regulators
  • Extraordinary label design at a low price and complete even within 24 hours
  • Highly skilled professional and well setup workstation allow completing a large project within a short time
  • Discount for a large volume of the order
  • The complete package for a label and package design

Contact the best Product Label Design Services in Bangladesh

Our highly professional team can make a high-quality label that can bring more customers toward you and generate more sale using the signature blend of Tradexcel Graphics.

Therefore, contact us now by emailing at cs@tradexcelgraphics.com and start creating the brand image for your company and product.

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