Package attracts people primarily to purchase. Products package design is an outstanding tool of marketing a product by offering it inside an eye catchy pack. The success of a marketing campaign for a product largely depends on the appeal of the product package.

From regulation to information and attraction to symbolization, everything you will find in a package. Products package design is an agglomeration of text, content, image, structure, materials, etc. to make the product suitable for promotion.

The primary target of the product package is to make a suitable carrier which contains a product, protects it in the transportation and market, dispense or store in specific quantity and identify or distinguish it in the market.

The ultimate target of products package design is to communicate with the potential customers in a suitable manner that suits their personality and generate profit by increasing sale.

Marketing focused on products package design has enormous popularity among product marketers. It has also proved the massive impact of suitable product package in dragging good sale.

The products package design is not something like the print advertising design. It is instrumentation of creating a correct impression, appropriate launching of a product, explore its significance, and engage people towards the product.


Tradexcel Graphics is the leading product packaging Design Company in Bangladesh. We gain fame for our innovative product packaging design tips. From the food industry to pharmaceutical and game to software, we have brought success to our clients.

Walking in various sector of products package design since 2009, we have revealed a few secrets of making a suitable package for your products that are essential for bringing high sale volume.

We understand the people findings in a product’s package. People want to know about the use of the product, why they should purchase it and the brand representing this product.

All of our designed products’ packages are successful in answering the customers’ questions. The sewn answers in the packages make us the best products package design service in Bangladesh.

Having more than 10 years of experience and skill of using updated technology make us competent to answer the questions in a presentable way. Our learnings from experience bring success for our local and global clients by their suitable applications. Now we are well-known as the best product packaging Design Company in Bangladesh.

Due to serving the global market with our signature design service, we set up our corporate house in Elmhurst. In the beginning, we are a small freelance image editing and graphic design firm. With long experience and professionalism, we become the best Products package design service in Elmhurst NYC.

Our clients believe our commitments as we value our words. We have never failed to meet the clients’ deadline because we understand the impact of our failure. We do not commit a super impossible deadline to grab the job.

We know the time required for creative design and the impact of the package on your product sale. Therefore, we do not follow a shortcut or provide a low quality work to our clients. It makes us trustworthy among our clients and secures the top position as the best Products package design service in Elmhurst NYC.

Our team contains highly professional and skilled graphic designers, who have successful movement in the freelance marketplaces. Therefore, you will get a signature Tradexcel Graphics flavor in our works.

We have designed a package for a few award-winning games, and e-commerce bestselling products for the USA, China, Europe, etc. Uniqueness in design and ability to creating engaging milieu makes us the highest grossing product packaging Design Company in Elmhurst NYC.

The cheap rate for high-quality package design is our motto.

Since 2015, Tradexcel Graphics holds the superior position as the best product packaging Design Company in Elmhurst NYC by making hundreds of clients satisfied with thousands of product carton design at the cheapest rate.

Working Process: Best product packaging Design Company in Elmhurst NYC

  • As soon as you give us the work order, we start the designing
  • We create multiple concepts which represent the core value of your product or brand
  • After your approval of the concept, we design the theme using our signature style and expertise
  • We share 4-5 different presentation of your selected concept in a day
  • Once you have finalized the design, we will share a copy with you in the desired format
  • We also keep another copy of the design for a few months which have proven effective for a few of our clients
  • We deliver products package design with three working days with copyright

What Tradexcel Graphics Can Do For You

In the different survey, it has been evident that people spend only 13 seconds to decide a purchase from a store while they spend 19 seconds from the e-commerce site. People decide from the package within 1/10 second if the package is engaging for a new product.

Rather than using the judgment, emotions influence people to decide the purchase. Therefore, we always consider the attraction point of the product.

  • Evaluate the Product
  • Assess the potential customers
  • Determine the engagement with your audience
  • Choose a catchy name
  • Design a high voltage logo

 Tradexcel Graphics Cares about Your Business Revenue

For working in the industry for years we gained enormous experience. Our experts are familiar with Adobe software. However, we are also familiar with CorelDraw, Affinity Designer, Canva, Designer, etc.

Along with professionalism, skill, and hard works, we offer different extraordinary service blend in our works.

1) Clarity of Message

As we know people spend few seconds to observe before purchase, we ensure to make the meaning clear within 6 seconds.

2) Transparency

We understand that people love the transparency of information. If they find the usefulness of the product as described in the package, they will decide to purchase more.

3) Expandable

Our design always offers an expansion facility. For working in the products’ package design industry, we know after success, the company often wants to expand the product range or offers. Therefore, we always leave an expandable element in our product design which can cope up with the expansion.

4) Functionality

We create the design in a way that influences the potential buyers’ emotion which creates a positive vibe about the product among the customers.

5) Uniqueness

We create unique designs which help our clients to compete with their competitors.

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