In today’s competitive market it’s not enough for a company to have mediocre images on their print media and website. Businesses that wish to stand out above their competition must portray flawless images. Professional images are natural and visually stunning because of the image editing professionals that work behind the scenes using different Photoshop masking techniques.

Photo masking techniques are used when a certain part of an image needs to be separated from the rest. The quality of the photograph and the background are the main factors that affect the masking process.  Over time, image editing software has evolved but the basic concept of image masking remains the same. Photo masking is not an easy task and can be extremely time consuming. Typically photo masking and other image editing techniques are left to trained image editing professionals that are able to handle the job at hand with very little trouble at all.

A clipping mask is an entity that controls the behavior of a collection of pixels. The control is centered on the relative transparency or opacity of a given layer or a collection of layers. Wherever a clipping mask is made active, the pixel becomes transparent. Wherever a clipping mask is inactive, the pixel remains opaque. A clipping mask can be either active or inactive in varying degrees, in order to create a wide range of partial transparencies.

When clipping masks are combined with the ability to stack different layers, photo image editors are able to gain precise control over the interaction between the layers. For example, elements in an image can be hidden with a mask without actually needing to delete them. This makes it possible to replace backgrounds or adjust other variables within an image.

Clipping masks can be used to solve a wide range of problems. A professional image editor uses masks to protect certain areas of an image or to hide undesirable parts of an image. Gray scale masks are commonly used by image editors to fix limited protection areas within an image. When a gray scale mask is used, the dark areas of the camouflaged sections are contrasted with the lighter ones which remain unprotected.

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