Cropping is an important step when editing photos. Every single image editing program features a crop tool that allows you to trim or completely eliminate the edges of an image. While not every image requires cropping, the visual impact and composition of any image can be significantly improved when an image is professionally cropped.

When cropping an image you should always work on a copy instead of the original image itself. Some image editing programs will automatically open or save your work as a copy. If you work on the original image and you make a mistake and save the image, then the changes will be permanent. However if you saved the original image as a separate file then you can begin the process again using a duplicate copy.

When an image is cropped, pixels are removed from the image. If after cropping the resulting image appears jagged or pixelated, you will need to undo the action and crop less of the area. A much larger area of the image can be cropped when you take photos at a higher resolution.

Benefits of cropping images include:

  • Improved overall composition
  • Improved focus on the main subject
  • Removal of distracting elements
  • Ability to zoom in on a subject
  • Changes the orientation
  • Changes the aspect ratio

In printing, graphic design and photography industries, cropping refers to the removal of unwanted areas from a photographic or illustrated image. Typically cropping is used to remove an unwanted subject or irrelevant detail from an image, change the image’s aspect ratio or to improve the overall composition of the image. Images might be cropped to magnify the primary subject in an image and to further reduce the angle of view when a camera lens is not able to achieve the desired magnification. Image cropping is considered one of very few editing actions allowed in photojournalism.

Even though cropping can help you improve your overall image it is important to never crop below the guidelines provided by the photo printer for the least amount of pixels required for a good image. In order to get the best results from cropped images, consider enlisting the help of a professional image editing service.

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