Images are extremely important to the success of many businesses. In order to create the perfect images for print or web, many companies utilize the help of an experienced image editing team. Working with trained graphic design professionals ensures that images send the intended message to the targeted audience. Photo clipping, which involves removing the image’s background, is not a simple task and is best left to skilled graphic designers.

A clipping path is a closed vector path used to cut out a 2D image in image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. After the clipping path is applied anything that is inside the path will be included and everything outside the path will be omitted from the image. Applying a clipping path results in either a hard or soft edge, depending on the capabilities of the image editor.

A common use of a clipping path is to extract objects that don’t need to be rendered either because they are outside the user’s viewpoint or because they are obscured by display elements. Clipping paths are also used in 3D computer graphics to prevent the renderer from calculating surfaces that are at an extreme distance from the viewer.

Clipping path services are professional services offered by graphic design and photo manipulation companies. They are typically used for extracting objects or people from images and often include other photo editing and photo manipulation services. Clipping path services are ideal for companies that wish to capture only a specific section of an image. When a clipping path is utilized it creates a non-printing line that encircles the desired portion of an image, effectively eliminating the background. Clipping paths are especially beneficial when used in marketing materials.

Images with straight edges are usually the easiest to process but intricate image clipping is much more complex and requires additional time and attention. Tradexcel Graphics provides photo clipping services to create crisp, stunning images that ensure the image’s message is clear and focused. Tradexcel Graphics has over ten years of experience providing clipping path services for clients around the globe. Tradexcel Graphics utilizes the latest technology, software and techniques to deliver flawless images in a timely manner.

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